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Business & People Management Resources

Business And People Management Resources

Take a look at our most popular management resources

Save time and effort using our tried and tested resources. Don’t recreate the wheel or pass up a chance to learn from others.

Free Webinars - Free lnsights, learnings and shortcuts

Time, Confidence & Career Secrets Every Manager Needs to Learn Today

  • The secrets to quickly saving huge amounts of time for you and your team and reducing by years the time taken to learn great management skills
  • Avoid 4 mental traps that prevent you learning effective management skills quickly
  • Three critical ways to build unshakeable confidence in yourself as a manager
  • The power of managing authentically in building trust and how to avoid the dangers of managing authentically
  • Creating the right toolkit to manage any problematic employee while building trust with your team and manager
  • For managers leading 1-10 team members

30-60-90 Day Plan Examples for Managers

Win Career Building Experience & Promotions

All our resources will give you great depth of knowledge, additional skills or provide you in-depth examples

And even better – most of our resources are free to download

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