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Time, Confidence & Career Secrets Every Manager Needs to Learn Today

  • The secrets to quickly saving huge amounts of time for you and your team and reducing by years the time taken to learn great management skills
  • Avoid 4 mental traps that prevent you learning effective management skills quickly
  • Three critical ways to build unshakeable confidence in yourself as a manager
  • The power of managing authentically in building trust and how to avoid the dangers of managing authentically
  • Creating the right toolkit to manage any problematic employee while building trust with your team and manager
  • For managers leading 1-10 team members
3 vital stages to tackle problematic employees and improving team performance

3 Vital Stages to Tackle Problematic Staff and Improve Team Performance

Problem people on your team can easily cost your business tens of £’000s in loss performance. The costs to you personally are big too – who promotes managers who let expensive problems persist?

Learn 3 critical stages to preventing problem people messing up your career and your team’s performance. Take the effective action quickly!

Double Your Interviews

Double+ Your Interviews & Access the Better Jobs

Your CV is the gateway to interviews and job offers.

Far too many professionals and managers spend too little time writing their CV and far too much time unsuccessfully applying for jobs.

Learn advanced CV writing techniques that professional CV writers use to get candidates into the top 5% of CVs received.

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Conversations with Difficult Employees

4 Informal Corrective Feedback Conversations With Difficult Employees

Be more confident, better prepared and have more effective conversations to ask for change from difficult or problematic employees

30-60-90 Day Plan Examples for Managers

Win Career Building Experience & Promotions

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