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Time, Confidence & Career Secrets Every Manager Needs to Learn Today

  • The secrets to quickly saving huge amounts of time for you and your team and reducing by years the time taken to learn great management skills
  • Avoid 4 mental traps that prevent you learning effective management skills quickly
  • Three critical ways to build unshakeable confidence in yourself as a manager
  • The power of managing authentically in building trust and how to avoid the dangers of managing authentically
  • Creating the right toolkit to manage any problematic employee while building trust with your team and manager
  • For managers leading 1-10 team members
3 vital stages to tackle problematic employees and improving team performance

3 Vital Stages to Tackle Problematic Staff and Improve Team Performance

Problem people on your team can easily cost your business tens of £’000s in loss performance. The costs to you personally are big too – who promotes managers who let expensive problems persist?

Learn 3 critical stages to preventing problem people messing up your career and your team’s performance. Take the effective action quickly!

4 Simple CV Changes To Land A Great Job Quickly

Listing down everything that you have done, as you have been advised, is not even close to enough. The competition for good jobs is way too fierce.

Make 4 simple changes to how you write your CV that will instantly and easily propel you into the top 10% of CVs for exactly the job you want. 

Have recruiters desperate to represent you rather than ignoring your phone calls!

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11 Signs of Underperformance On Your Team

Learn the early warning signs to look out for and what to do next for each of these 11 signs of underperformance. Take the right action earlier!

4 Informal Corrective Feedback Conversations With Difficult Employees

Be more confident, better prepared and have more effective conversations to ask for change from difficult or problematic employees

Top Ten Must Have Management Skills

There are so many management skills to learn but which are the most effective in moving your management effectiveness forward. Learn which skills to spend more of your precious time developing. 

30-60-90 Day Plan Examples for Managers

Starting a new job is daunting and exciting in equal measures. Creating a 30-60-90 day plan means you have less stress, are more focused, find it easier to impress and are more effective. 

Use our examples so you know exactly what to put into your plan!

Win Career Building Experience & Promotions

The workplace is so competitive that working hard and doing a good job is no longer enough. To get the best work, the better project, the most valuable experience and promotions, your boss, your boss’ peers and leadership team members need to know about the great work you are doing. 

Learn how to market your great work professionally and effectively to get ahead a lot quicker.

How to Quickly Resolve Conflicts in Your Team

Resolving emotional conflicts within your team is daunting for any manager.

Make the process a lot easier and quicker using our clear and concise downloadable infographic guiding you through each step. 

All our resources will give you great depth of knowledge, additional skills or provide you in-depth examples

And even better – most of our resources are free to download

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