Learn Step by Step How to Write a Great CV & Get up to 10 Times More Interviews

Transform getting a new job from a daunting painful uncertain process to a clear exciting straight forward step into the next chapter of your career.

Learn a CV writing process that will give you rock solid confidence in yourself AND get you to interview again and again in less time, with less effort and a lot less rejection. 

Learn exactly what you need to do to win graduate to manager roles, to get promotions and to win jobs in amazing companies.



This is a great — very useful for anyone looking for a new job. I very much recommend it.

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Great in-depth training. A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better or simply need updating their skills.

Writing a great CV that does absolute justice to your skills and experience AND easily gets you to interview is a daunting task when you haven’t been taught how.

Finding the right CV template, trying to work out what to include in your CV and what to leave out, and then figuring out how to present everything to create the right impression is not easy.
What if you get any of this wrong or fall into one of the many pitfalls…

You could easily send off application after application and hear nothing. Applying for jobs can easily become a black hole for your time and confidence, a massive frustration and can leave you feeling stuck.

Even worse, write a below average CV, even if you have good experience and you will probably find yourself shut out of the better jobs, will get a lower salary when you finally get an offer, and your personal brand or reputation starts off on the wrong foot in your new company

If you are in any way unsure of how to write a great CV, then please let me outline 5 stages you should take during the process of writing your CV. 

Going through these stages and you will have the best chance of writing a CV that will get hiring managers falling over themselves to invite you to interview.


You have a unique set of skills and experiences. No-one else has done exactly what you have.

If you don’t spend the time working out what these skills are, understanding how good your skills are and WHY they are very useful to the right employer, you miss out on your opportunity to really stand out from the crowd through your CV and later at interview.

Understanding exactly what you are offering to the right employer is like building the foundations of a house. Build the foundations well (your CV) and you can build a great house which will withstand any weather (any scrutiny).

Many candidates don’t spend enough time gathering the examples and achievements to demonstrate their level of skills. This is like tying your legs together before a 100m sprint. You get left behind.

The ProMAP process takes you through how to get all those golden nuggets you have and how to position them to seriously impress employers.


The ProMAP CV Writing process takes you through each of these important stages in writing a CV, step by step and in detail. You will know exactly what you need to do and have lots of examples showing you want to do.

Why Take This Course

 A Lot More Than a Collection Of Tips

You might be thinking why sign up for this course, when I can get all the information for free online. Probably 80% of the lessons are available online in some form – scattered over a large number of websites. Finding it all will take you days. Organising it will take you longer.

You will jump from one unrelated tip to the next. This is a very hard way to learn and you may struggle to work out how one tip relates to the next and so on. I have put a lot of thought into how to teach the ProMAP process, so you get the most value in the least time.

Online, separating the dubious advice from the advice that actually works is not easy, especially if you are still learning.

5 Stages To Writing a Must-Interview CV

Finding the right knowledge to give you a sophisticated approach to writing your CV is pretty hard. While researching for this course, I struggled to find much. 

There is lots of tips for the easier to win jobs without as much competition. If you are going for jobs that don’t require a degree, freely available tips will make a difference to you.

If you are going for more competitive roles, using the same tips as everyone else won’t make you stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, you don’t know what you don’t know. Searching for the unknown is hard.
Taking How to Write a Great CV will save you a 100+ hours in research time, plus everything is organised to make your learning experience easy and straightforward.

A Small Investment for a Big Gain
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In Value

A reminder of 10 important reasons why this course will get you to a lot more interviews, with a lot less effort, time, and rejection

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A Professional CV = 7% Higher Salary

Independent research has proven that a professional CV selling your skills and achievements will not only get you more interviews for the better jobs – a professional CV will also get you a higher salary offer.

If you think about it – a candidate that provides more confidence of solving the employer’s problems and solving them well – is more valuable to that employer compared to a person that provides less confidence of solving the problems. Hence the higher salary offered

And for many of you, this is worth thousands in your bank account. The average increase in salary offer was 7% for a professional CV -  which for a manager on an average salary of £35,000 is worth £2,450. 

7% of many of your salaries is worth a lot more than £2,450.  And this is on top of the 10-20% pay rise you should expect when successfully moving jobs.

And writing a professional CV is not nearly as hard as you might think!

What You Are Going to Learn by Taking This Course:

Capture Your Experience

Your Responsibilites, the Tasks, the Challenges You Overcame, the Projects And More


Clarify Your Skills

Listing & Rating Each Hard And Soft Skill. Learn How to Position Skills to Make Them Valuable


Know Your Values

Values Matching Impacts Job Hunting Success. Know What You Are Looking For


Position Your Achievements


Achievements Are Your Proof. Learn How to Use and Position Them on Your CV

Build Your Career Map


Work Out the Best Options to Move Your Career Forward.

Choose The Target Role


Focusing Your Job Search Save You Time and Increases Your Success

Choose Company Type


The Company Type & Situation, The Opportunities All Matter. Narrow Down Your Search

Understand Employers Problems


Learn How To Find The Key Problems Quickly & Make Yourself Recruitment Gold Dust 

Your Key Selling Points


Matching Your Best Experience Against Their Biggest Problems

CV Templates


Choose a Professional CV Template, Get the Right Length and Add Contact Details

What Not To Include


15 Things You Should Not Include or Do On Your CV (Avoid The Common Pitfalls)

Positioning Your Education


& Skills Summary on Your CV. Sharing the How and Why to Sell Your Abilities Effectively

Interests & IT Skills


When and How to Add Both Sections to Your CV to Wow the Reader

Languages & Other


How to Add Languages, Side Hustles, & Other Skills to Best Effect on Your CV 

Positioning The Current Job


The Most Important Section on Your CV - Impress With Everything You Write 

Positioning Previous Jobs


How To Write these Supporting Sections to Best Effect & Avoid Common Pitfalls

Overcoming Lack Of Experience


For Those Going for Promotion & Graduates - Learn How to Impress With Less

Keyword Check - How To Do


Computers Increasingly are the First CV Hurdle to Overcome - Learn How To Use Keywords

Writing Your Summary


Vital & The First Part Read - Learn How To Wow the Reader & Set the Right Tone

How To Review Your CV


How to Remove Mistakes, Add Polish, and Make Your Value Creation Crystal Clear

Updating LinkedIn


How to Use LinkedIn to Get 45-100% More Interviews & Get More Job Opportunities

How To Research


The Specific Companies You Are Applying To Plus the Hiring Managers

Tailoring Your CV


How to do this Quickly & Easily to Maximise Your Interview Invitations

Writing Your Covering Letter


How to Structure and What to Include to Really Boost Each Application Made

Course Curriculum

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Introducing The Course Creator - Jess Coles

I started out just like everyone else – I struggled to get to interviews for basic Saturday jobs. I really didn’t have much of a clue about writing CVs

I got a job at EY within 8 weeks, innocent drinks within 2 weeks, Fosters within 12 weeks and others just as quickly. 

I have been a board director for a £140m in sales recruitment company, an hired by clients to help them hire top talent and coach candidates to job offer.

Over years of applying to and getting jobs with world class companies in the fiercely competitive London jobs market, I developed a specific way to prepare for and write my CV. This process resulted in getting interviews for 9 out of 10 applications I made.

I've read thousands of CVs and I want to help you avoid the common mistakes and learn exactly how to write a great CV. There is no catch, nor am I pitching throughout the webinar. I genuinely want you to learn how to write a great CV.

Don’t sell yourself, your skills and your career short by writing a CV that does not reflect the value you can bring to an employer.

My Job Application success rate:

A track record of getting to interview with up to 10 times less application proves the ProMAP CV Writing process gives you a big advantage in getting any job.


Get Amazing Results

Building Your Unique Advantages

Problem Mapping & Matching

Once you know what you are offering to an employer, working out which role to target to match your skills, interests and career ambition is the next vital stage.

Focusing your job search on a specific type of role gives you a huge number of advantages over candidate that does not take this step before writing their CV.

When you know exactly what role you are after, you can easily research the problems your target role will have to overcome, you can work out how you can demonstrate your skills and experience of solving those problems and write your CV to build absolute confidence with the reader than you can do what you write.

Presenting The Professional

Those that take the time to make sure everything on their CV screams “professional, competent and credible” consistently get to interview. 

How you present and write about your experience gives the reader a taste of many of your skills – your written communication skills, your analytical and problem solving skills to name a few. The reader “experiences” of an output of your work (your CV), trumps anything you write on your CV.

To consistently get to interview, what you write and present must match the reader’s experience of your CV. Mis-matches introduce doubt, uncertainty and mistrust in the reader’s mind – which guarantees rejection.

The ProMAP process takes you through every section and every little detail that you need to consider in how you present your CV. Combine this with rich examples of your skills and experience and recruiters and hiring managers will be desperate to interview you!

At the heart of every great CV is demonstrating you can solve the employer’s specific problems. Provide the reader rock solid confidence you can solve what you write about, and you guarantee yourself an interview.

You provide confidence to the reader through the way you write and present the examples you share and the achievements you weave through your CV.

The perfect problem solver demonstrates they understand the problems employer has by choosing the right problems to focus their CV on. They show they have the right level of skills to solve the level of problem the employer has.

The Perfect Problem Solver

The best part – building enough understanding of the employer’s problems to get to interview is easy and doesn’t take that long – when you know how to approach it.

Going through these stages builds your own confidence and belief in yourself. If you are self-aware and confident in yourself, hiring managers are going to be confident in you.

Companies only hire new people to solve a specific set of problems – be the perfect problem solver and you will get to interview again and again.

How to Write a Great CV takes you step by step through the ProMAP CV Writing process – a process that is used to work out which role to apply for, what the problems of that role are and then write a CV demonstrating you can brilliantly solve those same problems.

Learn a process to transform how quickly and easily you get interviews for the jobs you really want. Put less effort in overall and avoid a lot of frustration, rejection, and heartache that comes with falling at the CV hurdle.

The ProMAP process works, for any role, for any level of competition and for any economic situation. It works because it employs solid sales principles and written communication skills combined for the specific purpose of writing a must-interview CV.

By using this course to write your CV, you will also be a dream to the recruitment consultants you contact. You will be able to explain exactly what you want, why you are brilliantly positioned for doing this specific role and demonstrate to the recruiter your selling skills with your CV. 

These all provide the recruiter a lot of confidence that you will be able to win the job and earn the recruiter their fees.

You will finish this course with a professional standard CV which is highly targeted at the specific target role you are applying for. 

Because this will make you recruitment gold dust for those offering this role, you will get a higher salary offer. In fact - per the studies - a 7% higher salary offer because you are a highly desirable professional who can solve the specific problems the employer has. 

7% to most of you will be at least an extra holiday, a lot of nights out, a bigger savings pot, more security … whatever the extra salary helps you achieve.

This course teaches you how to get more recruiters contacting you with right job opportunities you will be excited about.

How to Write a Great CV also contains loads of examples – from graduate to manager job level - so you can see what a well written CV looks like, what language is needed, what examples are needed and how to present every word on your CV.

The course has been written after I have spent 100s of hours researching -  going through articles, videos and CV writing courses so everything you really need to get to interview has been included. 

The lessons are clear, concise and don’t have fluff so you can spend more time applying the lessons or doing what you most enjoy.

The ProMAP process takes you beyond targeting just a job title and helps you work out the company type, the opportunities you want, the development profile you are after and a number of other factors. The process walks you through how to find out exactly what the employers problems are without spending days researching.

I have read thousands of CVs - the top few percent that go through this stage properly stand out a mile and nearly always get invited to interview.

The alternative is the horribly frustrating and demoralising process of making a lot of applications and not getting many or any interviews. Or you end up lowering your sights and taking second best.

Make sure this is not you.

Be What They Need

Once you have written your CV, spend time reviewing and improving it further. Ask others to help in this process – because if they understand exactly what you are writing about, hiring managers and recruiters will too.

The final stage is tailoring your CV to each job application you make which can be done with a lot less time and effort than most people expect.

Add in a great covering letter and you will have a CV that almost guarantees you an interview for your specific target role – for each application you make.

These five stages do require a little more investment of time and effort up front. The ProMAP process takes you through more self-discovery and teaches you more about the selling and communication techniques to employ in writing your CV than 95% of other candidates will use.

The extra time taken up front will be gained back many times over with up to 10 times less applications to get each interview.

Any athlete will tell you – better results requires better preparation!

This course has been written to enable you to win interviews against skilled, hardworking peers. The ProMAP process gives you a significant advantage over 95% of job applicants. You will be competing on what you have done, how well you communicate this and how well you can solve the specific problems the employer has. A powerful combination that few job seekers use.

The ProMAP process has given me a 10 times advantage over most candidates, consistently over 16 years and you will get the same advantage

Using the ProMAP process will build rock solid confidence in your own ability, in what you have done and what you are worth to the right employer. This confidence will shine through on your CV and at interview.

The course has over 35 videos, over 4 hours of high quality video content, plus a huge number of examples. This course has depth – with each subject and section over you CV covered in detail.

Plus you have personal support from myself, Jess Coles, via phone and email.

Plus you have a community of peers to learn alongside.

And you have a 60 day, money back guarantee so you can go through the whole course and judge for yourself the value it represents to you and your career.

You have access to the course for 3 years and it is hosted on teachable so you know access will be easy and uninterrupted 24-7. 

You can start learning in a few minutes.

1.Learn key written communication and selling skills to enable you to move job or advance your career when you want to

2.Use a tried and tested process to win interviews ahead of tough and more experienced competition

3.Give yourself rock solid confidence in your skills and ability to do the role you are going for and easily get to interview

4.Increase the number of recruiters contacting you with job opportunities for your target role 

5.Move your next job closer by cutting out weeks to months from the average recruitment timeframe (best result - application to job offer in 2 weeks) 

6.Save weeks of time and effort submitting job applications for each interview you get 

7.Cut down the rejection and confidence knocks by making yourself a very desirable candidate and targeting the right job opportunities for you 

8.Finished the course with a CV a Professional CV Writer would be proud of, making you more desirable and more valuable to your target employer, resulting in an average 7% higher salary offer (£2,000+ to most of you) 

9.Have Jess Coles - with over 20 years of both sides of the recruitment desk - in your back pocket to answer questions and help you solve any challenges you may have (email and phone support) 

10.Enjoy a 60 Day Money-Back no questions asked guarantee so you can overcome a major barrier to career advancement risk free.

More Valuable Than a Professional CV Writer

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There are some excellent professional CV writers available and plenty of less than excellent ones – finding the good ones takes work in itself.

A CV Writer will save you time and effort at the CV stage – they are doing a big chunk of the work for you.

You miss out on all the preparation work, the thinking, the self-discovery, organising your examples etc – all of which is even more important when you get to interview. You will find it a lot harder to get through the interview stages as a result and will have to put in more work during the interview stage.

You don’t develop your own written communication skills and selling skills. Both are incredibly useful to help you do an even better job, to win promotion more quickly, to sell and market what you achieve internally within the organisation you work in or when dealing with customers and clients.

You will have to hire a good CV writer each time you move jobs. Forbes put this cost at £700- £1,600 per job move, and the average person moves jobs eight times in their career. That is quite a big cost.

You don’t build your confidence and self-belief as you would doing all the work yourself. Confidence in yourself is a big factor at interview too.

I always felt being able to win the jobs I wanted was too important for my career to leave in the hands of others.


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