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Learn how to make your skills and experience really stand out against the competition

Win the meaningful promotion you want 

Gain a higher salary offer of at least £3,000 as a result of a more desirable CV & better communication of the value you offer 

Double or better, the number of interviews for your specific target role 

Get into your new role months quicker, with less overall effort, less rejection, and less stress 

Uncovers your best, most relevant experience and achievements – a must for writing a CV to easily get to interview


This is a great — very useful for anyone looking for a new job. I very much recommend it.

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When looking for a new job, your CV is an extension of you. Perception - based on your CV - is reality for the hiring manager until they have met you. How do you want them perceiving you?

If you pack your CV with everything you have done, you do what 90%+ of candidates do … become average.  

Average gets you more rejection, more frustration, a much longer wait and a lower salary offer.

For any given job opportunity available, the people applying have common experience because they should be able to do the job. If you have common experience, how are you going to stand out and grab the reader’s attention?

Hiring managers don’t really care about what you have done, they care about how you can help them.

Great experience is not enough, the right experience (and skills) at the right level matched to the right problems is key to win interviews for each specific job.

Your “experience” only counts if it demonstrates you can solve the hiring manager’s problems

How you position your skills and experience will make you really stand out … or disappear into the masses. The reaction needed is “wow, I need to speak to this person” rather “okay … who else do we have here?”


It is risky hiring someone - it can be a massive waste of time and money and be embarrassing and career limiting for the hiring manager if they choose the wrong person. Everything on your CV must scream “a solid choice”, “can definitely do the job” and “I won’t let you down” as well as have some wow factor.

Learn how to build the “wow factor” without needing amazing standout experience.

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A Professional CV = 7% Higher Salary

Independent research has proven that a professional CV selling your skills and achievements will not only get you more interviews for the better jobs – a professional CV will also get you a higher salary offer.

If you think about it – a candidate that provides more confidence of solving the employer’s problems and solving them well – is more valuable to that employer compared to a person that provides less confidence of solving the problems. Hence the higher salary offered

And for many of you, this is worth thousands in your bank account. The average increase in salary offer was 7% for a professional CV -  which for a manager on an average salary of £35,000 is worth £2,450. 

7% of many of your salaries is worth a lot more than £2,450.  And this is on top of the 10-20% pay rise you should expect when successfully moving jobs.

And writing a professional CV is not nearly as hard as you might think!

What You Are Going to Learn by Taking This Course:

Capture Your Experience

Your Responsibilites, the Tasks, the Challenges You Overcame, the Projects And More


Clarify Your Skills

Listing & Rating Each Hard And Soft Skill. Learn How to Position Skills to Make Them Valuable


Know Your Values

Values Matching Impacts Job Hunting Success. Know What You Are Looking For


Position Your Achievements


Achievements Are Your Proof. Learn How to Use and Position Them on Your CV

Build Your Career Map


Work Out the Best Options to Move Your Career Forward.

Choose The Target Role


Focusing Your Job Search Save You Time and Increases Your Success

Choose Company Type


The Company Type & Situation, The Opportunities All Matter. Narrow Down Your Search

Understand Employers Problems


Learn How To Find The Key Problems Quickly & Make Yourself Recruitment Gold Dust 

Your Key Selling Points


Matching Your Best Experience Against Their Biggest Problems

CV Templates


Choose a Professional CV Template, Get the Right Length and Add Contact Details

What Not To Include


15 Things You Should Not Include or Do On Your CV (Avoid The Common Pitfalls)

Positioning Your Education


& Skills Summary on Your CV. Sharing the How and Why to Sell Your Abilities Effectively

Interests & IT Skills


When and How to Add Both Sections to Your CV to Wow the Reader

Languages & Other


How to Add Languages, Side Hustles, & Other Skills to Best Effect on Your CV 

Positioning The Current Job


The Most Important Section on Your CV - Impress With Everything You Write 

Positioning Previous Jobs


How To Write these Supporting Sections to Best Effect & Avoid Common Pitfalls

Overcoming Lack Of Experience


For Those Going for Promotion & Graduates - Learn How to Impress With Less

Keyword Check - How To Do


Computers Increasingly are the First CV Hurdle to Overcome - Learn How To Use Keywords

Writing Your Summary


Vital & The First Part Read - Learn How To Wow the Reader & Set the Right Tone

How To Review Your CV


How to Remove Mistakes, Add Polish, and Make Your Value Creation Crystal Clear

Updating LinkedIn


How to Use LinkedIn to Get 45-100% More Interviews & Get More Job Opportunities

How To Research


The Specific Companies You Are Applying To Plus the Hiring Managers

Tailoring Your CV


How to do this Quickly & Easily to Maximise Your Interview Invitations

Writing Your Covering Letter


How to Structure and What to Include to Really Boost Each Application Made

Course Curriculum

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Jess Coles -  The Course Creator 

I learnt how to consistently get interviews at great companies, for great career building jobs and against more experienced and “better” candidates. 

Learn the ProMap process that I used to get interviews for 89% of applications I made over 16 years.

Reviewing thousands of CVs as a hiring manager, from professional level to board director, showed me exactly what was needed to stand head and shoulders above other candidates with similar experience.

The right experience gets you into consideration. How you position your experience gets you to interview.

Learn how to position every word on your CV so you easily get to interview for the specific job you want.

If you are applying to exciting jobs that many people want, that offer salaries over £40,000, that offer great career opportunities, the ProMap process will save you time and effort and get you into that job quicker.

The ProMap process teaches you how to create massive advantage over the average candidate for your target role without needing different or better experience than them.

Learn exactly how to write a CV that gets the reader thinking “wow, I need to meet this person” for jobs paying over £40,000

Save time and effort getting to interview. Get to more interviews for your target role from day 1. Move your career forward faster.

Write a professional tailored CV which makes you more desirable, perceived as better and gets you a 7%+ higher salary offer by changing how you write about your skills and experience – that’s over £3,000 extra.

Benefit from a 30 day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked allows you to go through everything in the course risk free and make your own mind up.

If 3 months after finishing this course, you have not got more interviews for your target role, let us know and we will give you a full refund or coaching to get you to interview2 

Start this Online Course NowStart this Online Course Now

You will finish the course with a better, a more professional and a more desirable CV for your target role. You will be perceived as better, have more interviews with more companies, and you will get a high salary offer – research as proven at least 7% higher.

This course: 

1.Teaches you how to successfully and professionally sell and market your skills and experience through your CV 

2.Watch over 30 videos, providing over 4 hours of high quality tuition without unnecessary fluff saving you time 

3.You have numerous exercises, handouts, and examples so you can see what good looks like as well as getting the theory

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Great in-depth training. A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better or simply need updating their skills.


Just to let you know that I found out this morning that I got the job! 

Thank you so much for your help. It made a massive difference