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Learn a Tried & Tested Repeatable Process to Win Interviews for Graduate to Manager Interviews. Get Interviews for up to 89% of Applications Made Including Top Companies: 



This is a great — very useful for anyone looking for a new job. I very much recommend it.

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Great in-depth training. A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better or simply need updating their skills.

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Getting a new job is a daunting task at any stage of your career. It is like when you are about to run a race, you know it is going to be tough, the butterflies are starting to build in your stomach, the nervous energy starting to creep into your limbs…

The first and worst hurdle to overcome is writing your CV.

Your CV is THE document that everyone wants to see regardless of the route you choose – networking, recruiters, applying directly or job boards.

This puts a lot of pressure on you to work out what to put in your CV, what style to use, what words to include or leave out, and the more you look at the internet these days, the longer the list of things to consider gets.

I personally hate this guessing game. I still remember being at university and feeling under real pressure. All my friends were applying to jobs and getting interviews. I hadn’t started. I wasn’t even sure which job I really wanted to do. I started to update my CV, yet I was really unsure of what to write.

I really worried that I would put a lot of work in, update my CV, send it off to interesting sounding jobs and not get to interview. Getting rejected and having your confidence excessively trampled on seemed to be part of the course of getting a job.

Ask family and friends, and they all say you just need to write about what you have done and then send out your CV enough times and you will get a job. That sounds pretty straight forward. Yet trying to do this and not get repeatedly ignored by potential employers is so much harder.

The average job hunter has been misled into job hunting by creating a nice key (your CV) and then using that key to see what locks they can open (win jobs). You will eventually open a lock. But what sort of lock (job) will it be? A poor one? An okay one? A good one? A great one?

The better jobs with the better development opportunities, with faster career progression, with better pay, higher social standing … are guarded by more demanding selection processes (stronger locks). I mean why wouldn’t they be. The better jobs are more popular, more desirable, so more people apply to them. The employer can afford to only ask those with the best CVs to interview.

I thought for ages that a good CV was all about what I had done. (Another common miss-understanding). I didn’t know otherwise until someone with loads of experience of winning jobs, sat me down and explained exactly what I needed to do on my CV and why. It was such a relief to know and understand what I need to do.

In fact, way too many people are still told write down what you have done and send out your CV until you get a job. I learnt the hard way that this widely held belief - hinders not helps - you getting a good job. 

I still get frustrated on behalf of those trying this approach – I would hate to think what they feel like sending application after application without getting a lot back.

The internet and job portals have made it a lot easier to apply for jobs.  And that is part of the problem – hiring managers get so many applications that it is hard to find the real gems hidden amongst a small avalanche of CVs.

You should be excited to be applying for jobs that will start the next chapter in your career, not dreading being rejected and feeling worried about failing.

Why Take This Course:

1.Written specifically for professional level and managerial job hunters, focusing on advanced CV writing skills

2.Teaches a tried and tested process to win interviews at any level, in any company, in any job market condition

4.Packed full of examples so you can see what to do as well as learn the theory

Learn How To Communciate & Sell Your Value Without Being Salesy

Be Proud of the CV You Write, & Excited to be Starting Your Job Search

Be Successful Going for Jobs That Are a Promotion or a Step Up - Move Your Career Forward

30+ videos / 3 hrs+ of high value lessons

3.Created by Jess Coles, who started with no confidence and being poor at writing CVs who progressed to winning interviews for 89% of applications including in world class companies over 16 years and having rock solid confidence in how to write a Great CV. Learn exactly the same process used

Community of Peers to Learn With 

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Know Exactly What to Do and Gain Rock Solid Confidence

 Win Promotions & a Step Up

Detailed Guidance for Every Part of Your CV

Say Goodbye to Rejection and Silence

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In Value

So just to recap on all the value you will get when starting this course:

1.  A great job to move your career forward

2.  Starting that job quicker, giving you all the career benefits you get with that

3.  A tried and tested process that will get you to more interviews, with less effort, for the jobs you want

4.  A significant boost to your confidence and relief at having to face a lot less rejection

5.  At least a 7% high salary, worth over £2,100

6.  Saving at least £400 by not hiring a professional CV writer to get a professional standard CV

7.  Personal dedicated support to answer all your specific questions

8.  A community of peers to give you advice and support

9.  60-day money back guarantee so try the course and make your mind up.

10.  24/7 unlimited access to the course and these benefits of 3 years, accessible when and from where you want

11.  Hosted on teachable, so you have a high-quality platform with loads of features to aid your learning

12.  A teacher with over 20 year’s experience, who has been in your shoes.

Add all that up and you have at least £3,000 of value. This course has been newly released so you can get the job you want and all these benefits for a special price. 

This exclusive price will only be available for a limited period and for a limited number of students. If you feel there is any chance this course will transform your job search, sign up today.

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A Professional CV = 7% Higher Salary

Independent research has proven that a professional CV selling your skills and achievements will not only get you more interviews for the better jobs – a professional CV will also get you a higher salary offer.

If you think about it – a candidate that provides more confidence of solving the employer’s problems and solving them well – is more valuable to that employer compared to a person that provides less confidence of solving the problems. Hence the higher salary offered

And for many of you, this is worth thousands in your bank account. The average increase in salary offer was 7% for a professional CV -  which for a manager on an average salary of £35,000 is worth £2,450. 

7% of many of your salaries is worth a lot more than £2,450.  And this is on top of the 10-20% pay rise you should expect when successfully moving jobs.

And writing a professional CV is not nearly as hard as you might think!

What You Are Going to Learn by Taking This Course:

Capture Your Experience

Your Responsibilites, the Tasks, the Challenges You Overcame, the Projects And More


Clarify Your Skills

Listing & Rating Each Hard And Soft Skill. Learn How to Position Skills to Make Them Valuable


Know Your Values

Values Matching Impacts Job Hunting Success. Know What You Are Looking For


Position Your Achievements


Achievements Are Your Proof. Learn How to Use and Position Them on Your CV

Build Your Career Map


Work Out the Best Options to Move Your Career Forward.

Choose The Target Role


Focusing Your Job Search Save You Time and Increases Your Success

Choose Company Type


The Company Type & Situation, The Opportunities All Matter. Narrow Down Your Search

Understand Employers Problems


Learn How To Find The Key Problems Quickly & Make Yourself Recruitment Gold Dust 

Your Key Selling Points


Matching Your Best Experience Against Their Biggest Problems

CV Templates


Choose a Professional CV Template, Get the Right Length and Add Contact Details

What Not To Include


15 Things You Should Not Include or Do On Your CV (Avoid The Common Pitfalls)

Positioning Your Education


& Skills Summary on Your CV. Sharing the How and Why to Sell Your Abilities Effectively

Interests & IT Skills


When and How to Add Both Sections to Your CV to Wow the Reader

Languages & Other


How to Add Languages, Side Hustles, & Other Skills to Best Effect on Your CV 

Positioning The Current Job


The Most Important Section on Your CV - Impress With Everything You Write 

Positioning Previous Jobs


How To Write these Supporting Sections to Best Effect & Avoid Common Pitfalls

Overcoming Lack Of Experience


For Those Going for Promotion & Graduates - Learn How to Impress With Less

Keyword Check - How To Do


Computers Increasingly are the First CV Hurdle to Overcome - Learn How To Use Keywords

Writing Your Summary


Vital & The First Part Read - Learn How To Wow the Reader & Set the Right Tone

How To Review Your CV


How to Remove Mistakes, Add Polish, and Make Your Value Creation Crystal Clear

Updating LinkedIn


How to Use LinkedIn to Get 45-100% More Interviews & Get More Job Opportunities

How To Research


The Specific Companies You Are Applying To Plus the Hiring Managers

Tailoring Your CV


How to do this Quickly & Easily to Maximise Your Interview Invitations

Writing Your Covering Letter


How to Structure and What to Include to Really Boost Each Application Made

Here us Exactly How You Are Going To Build Great CV Writing Skills:

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Why Jess Coles Can Teach You To Write a Great CV


I started out just like everyone else – I struggled to get to interviews for basic Saturday jobs. I really didn’t have much of a clue about writing CVs

I got a job at EY within 8 weeks, innocent drinks within 2 weeks, Fosters within 12 weeks and others just as quickly. 

I have been a board director for a £140m in sales recruitment company, an hired by clients to help them hire top talent and coach candidates to job offer.

Over years of applying to and getting jobs with world class companies in the fiercely competitive London jobs market, I developed a specific way to prepare for and write my CV. This process resulted in getting interviews for 9 out of 10 applications I made.

I've read thousands of CVs and I want to help you avoid the common mistakes and learn exactly how to write a great CV. There is no catch, nor am I pitching throughout the webinar. I genuinely want you to learn how to write a great CV.

Don’t sell yourself, your skills and your career short by writing a CV that does not reflect the value you can bring to an employer.

My Job Application success rate:

Each potential employer has a set of problems – that is why they are hiring. The person the company hires is the person they are most CONFIDENT will solve their specific problems.

After the first cut, the hiring manager has to choose from a group of people that can all do the job, that all have similar experience, qualifications etc. So how do they choose?
How well you communicate and sell your ability to solve their specific problems builds the hiring manager’s confidence in you.

Building confidence is quite different from listing down everything you have done on your CV.

So, if you would like the thrill and excitement of being asked to interview for the job you want at a company you would love to work at, can I suggest a different approach?


Imagine starting the job-hunting process KNOWING that your real competition are those people with more experience and better skills that you. The confidence you will have and confirmation of your value to the employer going into the interview process, gives your chances of getting a job offer a huge boost.

The average number of applications for highly skilled jobs is around 10. That is an interview to application rate of 10%.  Using this process over a period of 16 years and 6 jobs searches gave me an interview to application rate of 89%. 9 times the average.

How to Write a Great CV is an online course taking you through a specific repeatable process teaching you everything you need to know to write a CV to demonstrate and prove your skill level, the quality of your experience, and your ability to solve the employer’s problems.

The course teaches you to identify the specific job (lock) that your skills and interests suit and then to build an amazing CV that solve the specific problems that role and employer has (a key that fits perfectly) using a very specific process or set of steps to do this.

This process has been successful used to win interviews from Graduate Trainee to Board Director, in household names and blue-chip corporate through to fast growing SMEs. 

Because you are a lot more likely to get to interview with each application you make follow our process, you spend a lot less time job hunting and you get the job you want a lot quicker (the best = 14 days for a Senior Manager job at innocent drinks).

You could soon be meeting your new friendly colleagues, facing exciting new challenges, ecstatic at more interesting responsibilities, enjoying that 10-20% pay rise earlier… and taking months off getting your next promotion because you started this job earlier.

Write a CV that you will be proud of. Win a job that you will be happy with and passionate about. Move your career forward at the pace that you want.

You will finish the course with a great CV which will make you recruitment gold dust for your target role. You will get to a lot more interviews, be perceived as more credible and have more gravitas, be seen as highly skilled and competent. Your CV will demonstrate your great communication skills and your ability to market and sell what you can do without be salesy. Very valuable skills for any professional level or managerial role.

Just as important, you will demonstrate that you can solve the employers most pressing problems and solve them well. That alone should ensure the hiring manager will be falling over themselves to call you and arrange an interview.

Writing a CV that any professional CV writer will be proud of will make you more desirable and more valuable in the eyes of the employer. More valuable means they will try harder to persuade you to work in their company and that means a higher salary offer. 

The research has shown a professional standard CV leads to around a 7% higher salary offer on top of all the other benefits. The average highly skilled job earns over £30,000 in the UK, giving you a benefit of at least £2,100. Think of all the things you could do with the extra salary, and it is just one course and a few job applications away.



The course has over 35 teaching videos, that's over 3 hours of valueable tips and advice, loads of examples showing you what good looks like and exercises to help you through each step

By following the specific process this course will teach you, you will have a professional level CV, gained with significantly less cost than hiring a professional CV writer, which Forbes estimates will cost you between £650 and £1,900.

You might be thinking - I am sure I will have questions as I go through the course – how do I get answers. Very easily – just drop me an email and I will get back to you on email or with a phone call with answers and help.

You also have the option of posing the question to our community of job hunters and getting their advice and help too. Another valuable resource available with the course.

You can also start the course in the knowledge that you have a 60-day money back no questions asked guarantee.  

Take a look at the full course, all the valuable content and make your mind up on how well the course and CV writing process will improve your confidence, guide you past all the pitfalls, teach you new and valuable skills and ultimately get you to interview for the jobs you really want.

Manager of 30 Staff

Doing the course gave me the confidence to apply for jobs I wouldn't have done before taking the couse.