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Professional CV presentation indicates the candidate will be hard working and have an eye for detail

The best candidates offer proof they can do what’s written on their CV

Showing the level of skill you have, sets you apart

Clear, concise, relevant CV communication means similar communication on the job

The best candidates show their understanding of the job’s problems on the CV and their ability to solve them

Does your CV show the real you?

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Get Interview in any market conditions for £40k+ jobs

Save weeks of time targeting specific roles

Presentation techniques to create a "wow" factor

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How To Write A Great CV

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Just listing your job history like 90%+ of candidates?

I started being rubbish at writing my CV. My friends were getting interviews and I was getting rejection & embarrassment …

I studied CV books. I learnt by trial and error.At each stage of my career I gained experience and made myself better than the competition at getting job offers

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Course Creator Jess Coles

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As a Candidate

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Understand how hiring managers approach recruitment process and what is needed to stand out


As a Hiring Manager

Get ahead by unearthing what makes you great. Understand how to construct CVs that ooze credibility, inspire confidence & consistently get you interviews for the best jobs by showing you can deliver what each specific job needs.

All in less time.

Targeting a specific job before writing your CV gives you huge advantages over
those who don’t because you can tailor your CV to the specific needs of the role 

Expertise from both sides of the Hiring Manager Desk

The Steps You will learn to Consistently Get Interviews

“This is a great course — very useful for anyone looking for a new job. The exercises make you think about what you’re doing and why. I very much recommend it”

Nick Walter, Solicitor

Get offers for the better jobs quicker by making less job applications

Where are you going to spend your time and energy?

Applying to okay jobs as well as good jobs to give yourself a better chance

Persuading recruitment consultants you are actually good at what you do

Fighting to get to interview for jobs that are a promotion

Overcoming a lot of rejection

Fighting to keep your confidence and belief up

Hoping numbers will count in the end


Unearthing all your relevant strengths and work achievements

Inspiring confidence and belief you will do what you write through your CV presentation

Providing exactly what the recruiters and hiring managers need to invite you to interview

Getting interviews for jobs that are exciting promotions

Deciding which job offers to accept

“This is a great course — very useful for anyone looking for a new job. The exercises make you think about what you’re doing and why. I very much recommend it”

Nathalie Descusse-Brown, Engineer