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Two Weeks

to start your next job?

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Started a senior management position at Innocent Drinks two weeks after starting the job search

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Of high-quality concise teaching videos

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Lots of examples, exercises, and templates

Three Months 

to start your next job?

Gap year finished. Two different CVs written. Temporary job started in 1 week of being in country  …



Three applications direct to three large accountancy firms. Three sets of interviews



Started a trainee role at EY 3 months after starting job search

A great CV =

immediate interview invites

This is a great course — very useful for anyone looking for a new job. The exercises make you think about what you’re doing and why. I very much recommend it

Nick Walter, Solicitor

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How To Write A Great CV

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The Curriculum

Who You Are Learning From

Course Creator - Jess Coles

I started not knowing how to write a good CV. My friends were getting interviews and I was getting rejection & embarrassment …

I studied CV books. I learnt by trial and error. At each stage of my career, I made myself better than my competition at getting to interview

From Graduate Trainee to Board Director. Over 15 years, I got to interview for 89% of applications made (direct & using recruitment consultants)

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As A Hiring Manager

Reviewed over 3,000 CVs applying for prestigious positions in top companies

Interviewed over 1,000 candidates

Hired by multiple companies to help hire senior manager and director positions

Coached senior candidates to job offer

Understand how hiring managers approach recruitment process and what is needed to stand out

Expertise From Both Sides Of The Hiring Desk

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