Can You Get to the Top Without Mastering These Top 10 Management Skills?

"There are so many skills that you need to learn as a manager of others. It can leave you with feeling of “where an earth do I focus my efforts”. 

Knowing where to put the most effort to gain the biggest jump forward in your career can save you literally years of time.

Each of these skills made a massive difference to how I was perceived as a manager and increased my career progression”

Jess Coles

Whether aiming for the top or not, each of these management skills will make a dramatic different to your career

With so much to do and increasing pressures, learn how to work smarter not harder 

Impress your manager and peers with better practical approaches to tricky management challenges 

16 pages, over 2,850 words, of concise tips and advice to move your management skills forward

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Focusing your efforts on what matters most will improve your management skills & how you are perceived; improve your profile and reputation and help you become a rising star in your company. 

This booklet lays out the top ten must have management skills and key frameworks and tips for using them to best effect.