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Management Skills Accelerator [Premium]

Teaches key management skills covering 8 core areas to help you to build higher performing teams.

Learn to excel in the critical responsibilities of any manager

  1. Creating a positive environment for the team,
  2. Setting clear direction and expectations
  3. Providing support and development to elevate team performance

Managers have a lot to learn to ensure they improve their team’s performance. Learn tried and tested approaches and skills to make your journey to managing a high performing team quicker and easier. 

How to manage difficult employees - MSA - Web Product Box v5

Included within MSA Premium

How To Manage Difficult Employees

Problematic and underperforming employees have a huge negative impact on the team’s motivation and performance.

What the manager does or doesn’t do with difficult employees will impact team performance and their careers.

Make sure this impact is positive by learn the 3 stages needed to effectively and fairly remove team impacting problems.

how to delegate effectively

Included within MSA Premium

How To Delegate Effectively

Increase your impact, influence, and the value your team creates. Improve how well you leverage the capabilities of your team to deliver results and to grow their skills faster.

Learn the practical steps to intelligently delegate tasks and problems to your team members, to increase team co-ordination and output and build a reputation as a team and manager than delivers. 

How to Skillfully Manage Expectations Course

Included within MSA Premium

How to Skillfully Manage Expectations

Supercharge trust in you, your relationships at work and teamwork by step changing how you manage expectations.

Your reputation, your success at co-ordinating others and your ability to deliver against commitments is largely down to the expectations you set. Improve your ability to set and manage expectations and you create a large positive impact on personal and team performance.

Essential Finance For Managers

Included within MSA Premium

Essential Finance For Managers

Improve your insights, prioritisation, and decision making using financial information, which helps you increase team performance.

Learn how to use financial information to analyse the impact of activities, projects, teams and business units on a company, how to gain insights to improve how you guide your team, and make decisions that increase the value your team delivers.

Project Management For Managers - Be Trust to Deliver More, Better & Quicker

Included within MSA Premium

Project Management for Managers

70%+ of project fail to meet project goals. Train managers in project management processes and failed projects drop below 20% per the Institute of Project Management.

Those companies that train their managers in project management skills waste 28 times less resources. Good project management skills creates huge competitive advantages because change is constant in the workplace.

Companies need projects and project teams to enable them to change, adapt and succeed in very competitive marketplaces.

How to Get Hired Background

How to Write a Great CV

Those applying to professional and managerial positions typically spend too little time preparing and writing their CV and far too much time unsuccessfully applying to jobs.

Learn how to prepare your experience into digestible examples, how to position these to demonstrate your skills and how to write every section and every word on your CV. Get 2 – 5 times more interviews and access the better jobs.

Create a professional must-interview CV, that will leave the hiring manager reaching for the phone to invite you to interview.

Courses Available Soon

These courses have been tested with our pilot group members, and are in the process of being improved and filmed, exercises and examples written and being carefully put together

Giving Powerful Feedback - teach, gain trust, motivate and improve performance

Included within MSA Premium

Giving Powerful Feedback

Feedback enables and speeds up learning at all levels. The better the feedback and how it is delivered, the faster your team will improve and increase the value of team output.

Train your managers in what to feedback on and how to deliver feed to build trust, increase performance and motivate their teams.

Give your managers the skills, tools and confidence to help their team be better at what they do, further increasing team performance.

How to Manage Conflict Within A Team

Included with MSA Premium

Manage Conflicts Brilliantly

Conflicts happen in every organization – through conflicting goals, structures, responsibilities. On top of organisation conflict, every person is different, enviably leading to conflicts arising.

Ignore conflicts or manage them poorly and team performance can quickly and easily start dropping, costing thousands in lost output.

Ensure your managers know exactly how to handle negative conflict and use the difference within their teams to drive better ideas and solutions, further increasing team performance.

Developing Teams To Increase Performance

Included with MSA Premium

Developing Teams To Increase Performance

Providing development and passing on skills within a team is critical to motivate and retain your team members. Almost every employee wants to progress, to learn and to get better. Make this process as easy and as effective as possible.

Train your managers on the tactics and techniques to teach, mentor and coach their team members, upskilling their team and driving increased and sustainable performance improvement.