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Management Skills Accelerator Background

Management Skills Accelerator – Online Programme

Being a manager is tough. Dealing with the pressures and overcoming the challenges, while constantly in the spotlight is difficult. To consistently manage yourself, to lead by example and to contribute to the business culture while directing the work and efforts of your team so everyone drives the company’s success, asks a lot.

The MSA Programme helps equip you with a flexible toolkit of knowledge, skills and behaviours to get the most out of any team you manage.

How to Manage Difficult Employees

How To Manage Difficult Employees

Having an underperformer on your team or someone behaving poorly is stressful as a manager. You can see and feel other team members getting unhappier by the day.

Get the EXPERIENCE of dealing with 50+ difficult employees and use a tried and tested 8 Step process to stop the issues for good!

How to Get Hired Background

How to Write a Great CV

Learn a tried and tested process (ProMAP) for how to prepare, to write and present your skills and experience and demonstrate that you can solve the specific problems common with your target role. 

Be in the top 5% of candidate CVs for your target role – those consistently invited to interview.

Create a professional must-interview CV, that will leave the hiring manager reaching for the phone to invite you to interview.

How to ACE an Interview

How To ACE an Interview

Learn exactly what you need to do to beat tough competition to the job offer. Learn what you need to prepare, how you need to practice and what to do before, on and after the interview day to become the lead candidate.

306090 Day Plans PB

30-60-90 Day Plans For Interview

Learn How to prepare 30-60-90 Day Plans for each stage of the recruitment process. Balance producing an amazing answer with the time taken to create a bespoke response.

  1. First Interviews
  2. Second Interviews
  3. Presentations

Plus multiple examples at each stage and for different roles and situations

Product Pricing for Profit

Build your knowledge and confidence of selling through retailers, wholesalers and agents.

Build the right channel strategy for your product, select the right distribution partners, build the right commercial proposition and grow your business.  Get more listings and make more profit.