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Leadership Coaching London

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Leading and managing others is tough. Dealing with the pressures and overcoming the challenges, while constantly in the spotlight is difficult. To consistently manage yourself, to lead by example and to contribute to the business culture while directing the work and efforts of your team so everyone drives the company’s success, asks a lot.

Successful leaders and managers need a flexible toolkit of knowledge, skills, and behaviours to create positive learning environments so each individual, teams and the broader company can perform at their best.

Great leadership and management starts with self-management, awareness of strengths and weaknesses, your own emotional responses to situations and how to use different leadership styles and approaches to get the best from your team in different situations.

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Leading and managing others leaves you time poor and with increasingly limited feedback to work with. As your influence and impact grows on the business in which you work; as the consequences – good and bad – of your decisions and actions multiply, the opportunity for sharping your current skills and learning new skills often decreases.

Many learning routes – on the job, training courses, videos, books – are too general, are not interactive enough or take up too much precious time.

Learning – bespoke for you

Leadership coaching provides you:

  1. A learning and feedback programme tailored specifically to your needs
  2. Challenge to create new thinking, foster learning and disrupt outgrown behaviour patterns and assumptions
  3. Confidential space to explore and learn, with zero negative repercussions to your career
  4. Dedicated time to offload some of the stress and pressure you are under
  5. A cheerleader and taskmaster 100% focused on pushing you forward – personally and professionally
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Why enhance?

Our coach – Jess Coles – has led and managed in corporates, in SMEs, in turnaround and in high growth businesses. We understand the emotional ups and downs, the everyday challenges, managing the huge range of relationships, the need to navigate the politics …

This helps your learning through more insightful questions which get you thinking, quicker appreciation of the issues you face and more empathy of the emotions and pressures.

And we have

  1. Coached multiple board level, senior management, and middle management leaders to better self-awareness, to gain new insights, to build new approaches and ultimately to increased their confidence and performance.
  2. Professional Coaching Training accredited by the International Coaching Federation
  3. Thousands of hours of mentoring and hundreds of hours of coaching business leaders
  4. Decades of business experience, from board level and down
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Next Step

Call us on 0203 500 6300 to discuss your goals and get up to 30 minutes free coaching.

We offer leadership coaching programmes, online and in-person (London only). Our most economical coaching programme starts with six sessions (9 hours) of coaching starting at £2,000 + VAT

Call us on 0203 500 6300 today – we look forward to hearing from you