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My Most Valuable Management Insights & My Journey Learning Them

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team management introduction

I am the eldest of 4 and my parents divorced when I was young. Helping to “look after” my younger brothers and sister was the start of my management career.

People don’t do what you want. They do what they want. Work out how to align what they want with what you want.

learning about expectation management from a maths teacher

Mrs Bauch was brilliant and my favourite teacher. She created very clear boundaries with desirable rewards on one side and scary consequences on the other. Her pupils loved her and rarely messed around.

Create crystal clear expectations and big incentives to beat those expectations. Then let your team members choose.

learning about expectation management from a maths teacher
my worst manager - enhance.training team performance

I was the least experienced finance manager looking after the practices paying the biggest bonuses. I was pressurised to leave, which was a huge positive turning point for my career.

Deliver for your team before expecting your team to deliver for you.

The company needs improved team performance before it will deliver for you.

my best manager - team performance - enhance.training

Learning from such a strong people manager early in my career gave me an invaluable “blueprint” of what was needed to be a great people manager.

Inspiring others to produce great work starts with working hard in service of the team.

my best manager - team performance - enhance.training
First team performance turnaround - enhance.training - about us

Managing my first truly underperforming team of 17 staff was an amazing opportunity to demonstrate what great people management can achieve. The team won “Best Team” within 12 months.

Average employees performing their best build great high performing teams.

Team member performance is a direct reflection of their manager’s performance.

Building High performing teams - enhance.training - about us

Start with trust.

Clear consistent expectations. A fair exchange. Work in service to the team. Build visibility. Be open. Teach the how.

Building High performing teams - enhance.training - about us
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enhance.training tickEY Trainee to Board Director of £150m in sales Business

enhance.training tick20+ years managing teams in world class, high growth and turnaround businesses

enhance.training tickBuilt 4 high performing teams (separate companies) of 5 to 35 staff

enhance.training tickDelivered average ROI of 39:1 over 7 years (measurable profit/cash vs my pay)

enhance.training tickBuilt YouTube channel – 10k subscribers with 50k viewers each month

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