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If every manager and leader was more skilled, how much more fun and successful would work life be for everyone?

Jess Coles - Interview Coach

Jess Coles

I experienced my worst manager followed straight after by my best manager – both early in my career. The first I couldn’t wait to leave, the second inspired me to try to be as good. The dramatic contrast really bought home how valuable great management mindsets, techniques and skills are to everyone – the team, the business, and the manager.

I have come a long way from my first tentative steps managing a small team in a fast growing business. I have managed in many world class businesses; worked alongside and learnt from world class managers and leaders.

I loved managing teams and getting the best I could from each person. I was promoted 13 times in 13 years – from graduate trainee at EY to board director of £150m staffing business – because of what I delivered through my teams.


I help you improve your management and leadership skills quickly through:

Management Skills Accelerator Programme which is an online course for managers leading 1-10 staff, within the first 5 years of their management career which shares the mindset, techniques and skills needed to be a very successful and admired manager in any company.

Executive coaching programmes for middle managers to board members which provide individually tailored confidential learning programmes to develop your leadership skills, gravitas, relationship management and more.

Most managers and leaders in these programmes gain promotion within 12 months – recognition of their improved skills and contribution to the business in which they work

Jess’ Notable Professional Achievements

  1. Led multiple team turnarounds of 5 to 35 staff taking 3-12 months, while keeping 75%+ of the original staff. Outcomes include teams going from being talked down/insulted by rest of business to winning “Best Team” prize
  2. Turnaround a £150m in sales staffing business as Group FD – valuation increased from £2m to over £20m in 36 months as valued by third party accountants
  3. Have provided past employers with a measureable return on investment (value created : remuneration) of over 39:1
  4. Built multi-million pound investment portfolio starting from £0 in 12 years. 
  5. Built a YouTube channel, podcast and website with over 1000 visits / views PER DAY in 2 years (without a marketing background!)

I am proud of my achievements.  I don’t share these achievements to boast but to demonstrate what amazing things can be achieved with the right approach to managing teams and businesses.

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