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High Value Learning for The Price Of A Coffee

Learning Hubs

Get short courses, articles, videos, templates, advice, tips and more with our subject specific Learning Hubs

Learn more about different aspects of managing and leading businesses. Gain valuable knowledge and insights from experienced experts.

For only £1, you will get exclusive member access to a wealth of knowledge provided through short courses, articles, podcasts, videos, templates and tools. 

Management Skills Hub

£2 for 1 Year’s access

Over 35 Videos with tried and tested ways to overcome common issues faced by managers

Development Plan Templates and Examples

Performance Improvement Plans – Templates and Examples

Giving Feedback – Approach Structure

Videos, podcasts, articles and more

Job-Hunting Hub

£1 for 1 year’s access

Videos, podcasts, articles and more

2 mini courses to help you maximise your job opportunities

Expert advice to move your career forward

27 Common interview questions and answers

Pricing Learning Hub

£1 for 1 year’s access 

6 “How to” Guides: Avoiding Pricing Mistakes, Price Increases, Discounting, Sales Channels and Margins

2 Pricing Checklists

Margin Calculator

Retail Markup Calculator

Interview Questions – Don’t get caught out!

Our Interview Question Bank has over 100 interview questions and answers, so you don’t need to get caught out ever again. To help you transform how you answer questions in an interview, we have provided, details of what the interviewer is looking for with each question, a suggested time-frame so you keep you answer concise and example answers for both Junior and Senior Managers.