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Clear and simple explanations yet very informative. I thoroughly recommend it!

This FREE online training gives you 6 of the most vital lessons I have learnt during my own job-hunting and from sitting in over 1,000 interviews as a hiring manager.

If you don’t learn these lessons, you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage to those that have.

The training is free, with no strings attached. At the end of the free training, if you are interested, you can enroll in our Advanced Interview Skills Course.

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Wow, it’s made such a difference already – I used to want to run a million miles from any of this!

Jess Coles

  • Consistently won management jobs in top companies, in all market conditions
  • 1000+ interviews as a hiring manager, hiring juniors to CEOs
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How to Avoid Price Increase Mistakes

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How to Convert Margin to Mark-up (and back)

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