Improve Your Insights, Prioritisation & Decision Making By Understanding Financial Information

Financial information measures performance - learn how to use it to increase your team’s performance

Gain access to hidden business insights, problems and opportunities

Make more profitable use of the resources available to you

Understand how to use the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statements

Lower profitability because managers are less equipped to make the best decisions

Weaker planning and higher operational risk through poorer understanding of financial impacts

Lower quality financial information as finance illiterate managers communicate less insights

Less use of financial information shared, less debate, less challenge of the status quo resulting in lower performance

We love it when
team members raise their game

An underperformer, causing resentment in the team…
struggling to deliver

Transformed her performance in 3 months

Met or smashed every goal.
Respected & trusted.
A rising team star

Same team member. Different performance

The Team is
always better off

A critical function being held back by an underperforming leader …
protected by a Board Director

The underperformer found a more suitable role

A new leader inspired team members to up their game.
Great for the team, great for the business.
A fair process means a good outcome for all

Same process. Different outcome

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Start with some financial knowledge.

Finish with better prioritisation, better decisions, and better team performance
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Learn how to read financial information to improve performance

Gain a valuable and objective information source

Better understand the vital business language used worldwide

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Finance Essentials

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Learn how to read financial information and what it means

Understand how to use financial information to improve team, business unit and company performance

Gain a trust and clear information source that will objectively measure the performance of activities to companies

26 high quality videos, 2+ hours of teaching plus personalised support

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Join This Course & Be A More Effective Manager

Financial Knowledge Enables You To

For All Non-Finance Managers

Use the course and examples to improve your knowledge of management accounts and how to use them

Enjoy greater understanding and visibility of performance and use the financial data to improve decisions and increase team performance

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What You Gain

Using the common, precise language of performance measurement

What's In The Course

Understand how to use financial information to improve performance

Easier quicker decision-making using insights from financial information

Ability to compare everything, making choosing the best option easier

Membership & access to course

Lessons & resources accessible 24/7

Of high-quality concise teaching

Direct access to Jess Coles (Course Creator)

Exercises, and documents saving you time

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20+ years managing teams in world class, high growth and turnaround businesses 

Built 4 high performing teams (separate companies) of 5 to 35 staff 

Multiple “Best Team” prizes won with different teams at national and company level 

Delivered average ROI of 39:1 over 7 years (measurable profit/cash vs my pay) 

YouTube channel – 10k subscribers with 50k viewers each month 

Join This Course & Be A More Effective Manager

Performance measurement has a big impact on decisions and actions

Impact on the Business

Peers leave you behind as they have more advantages to do a better job

Less trusted to get to the best solution

Exclusion from the best opportunities to learn and progress career

Overly reliant on others to tell you exactly what is happening

Poorer communication from less confidence and use of the language of business performance

Unable to easily compare indirect and complex options

Impact on You