First Board Director Role Coaching

You are being considered for your first board director role or you have just started – a position you have worked long and hard to be in. This promotion is big step - into two new roles. From second in charge to leading the function AND being a leader of the business.

It is exciting and daunting. 

Will you impress? Will you feel confident enough? Will you do a good job? Will the leadership team feel that you are one of them? Will you handle the leadership team politics? 

There are plenty of fears and anxieties to overcome during the transition to function and company leadership. There are lots of opportunities to show everyone what you can do!


All eyes are on you. How you cope and perform during this important period will establish your reputation as a director and your standing within the leadership team. 

Getting reliable guidance, honest feedback and support could be the difference between confidently and quickly raising your game and really impressing …


not adjusting quickly enough, suffering a few missteps, and creating doubt and concern. It can be tough to recover from a slow or shaking first few months. 

Give yourself the best chance to do brilliantly from the start and of not letting anyone down – your board and team members and yourself.

What Coaching for Job Promotion Gives You

Maximises your ability to show the board members the full range of what you can do 

Promote yourself quickly to overcome confidence barriers (imposter syndrome) 

Speeds up your adjustment to the big jump in responsibility and accountability 

Gives you help to influence board members and add your mark on the company 

Helps you safely navigate the sharper politics and fight for resources at board level 

Gives you the confidence for the strategic thinking needed at board level 

Provides you a safety net and sounding board as you grow into the new role

Why Enhance and Jess Coles

10+ years of Board experience in large companies (£150m sales) down to SMEs (£10m+), in executive and NED roles

20+ years of experience in mentoring and coaching

International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained coach

I will be 100% focused on your success, before, during and after your transition into your first board director role. 

Having a person with no agenda and no negative career impact, with whom to explore thoughts, plans and challenges during this period is priceless. 

Do your deliberating and exploring away from the board so they are presented with the polished, confident, and capable board director and can feel delighted with their choice of new board member.

Next Steps

Call me on 0203 500 6300 to discuss your situation and how best to achieve your goals or complete the form below and I will call you. 

I look forward to hearing from you


Jonathan Simpson Tarling, MD, Consillion

Having a coach & mentor in the first six months of my first MD role added real value for me and the business. 

He was an invaluable sounding board to sense-check my thinking before acting and reacting to company situations. 

I’d readily recommend to other MDs

Shaun Wildman, Finance Director, McAuliffe

I’m now six months into the role which has, as expected, presented me with significant challenges and my coach has been there to support me every step of the way with encouragement when I needed it, offering challenge when appropriate and simply providing affirmation whenever I’ve been hesitant or unconfident. 

I would recommend Jess to anyone taking on their first FD role.


Maximises your ability to use your great talents on the board

Speeds up your adjustment to the big jump in responsibility and accountability 

Provides you a safety net and sounding board as you grow into the new role

Be Your Best During This Critical Period

Fulfil Your Potential

On gaining my first board role, I felt I had achieved an ambition held for so long, I was ecstatic, couldn’t wait to start, nervous and a little daunted. I had spoken to a lot of directors about their move onto the board, so I felt mentally prepared. 

Living through the emotions, the challenges and the experience of this period was very different and a lot harder. 

Coach: Jess Coles