Coaching to Quickly Unlock the Promotion You Deserve

You are good or maybe great at what you do. Your appraisal and manager say so. You know you are ready for the next step, for the next promotion. You are in middle management or senior management and the promotion you deserve is being blocked or overlooked.

Your manager actively supports your promotion within leadership circles or supports it in private, yet the advice they have offered to win your promotion hasn’t worked yet.

Leaving and starting again in another company is the last resort to more your career forward.

You feel the situation is very unfair. You are doing your part by doing a good job. You don’t feel the company is doing its part by moving your career forward. Your frustration is really building with the situation.

Despite what you have been told many times throughout your career, gaining promotion is a lot more than working hard and being good at what you do.

There is a lot you can proactively do to overcome the psychological barriers preventing the manager group saying yes to your promotion.

What Coaching for Job Promotion Gives You

Creates a clear plan of proactive action to gain promotion

Massively increases likelihood of promotion within the next 12 months

Develop the relationship tactics to overcome management blockers

Reduces your frustration, anger, and sense of unfairness

Improves your relationships with more senior staff


Why Enhance and Jess Coles

The majority of those coached are promoted within 12 months (usually quicker)

I have personally been promoted 13 times in 13 years from Graduate to Board Director, working in corporates to mid-sized businesses and understand exactly what is needed to get promoted

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained coach

Next Steps

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Rohit Mannan, Division Director, CBRE

I had delivered great results as a Divisional Director in a large corporate and been repeatedly told my performance was very good. 

Despite this, there was resistance to my promotion which was frustrating and demotivating. I started working with a coach – Jess Coles – to overcome this resistance. Coaching enabled me to take different approaches, resulting in better recognition of my value to the team and business. 

I got the promotion that I had been looking for. I would recommend Jess to anyone looking to gain promotion within their business

Juan Lopez, Head of Marketing, Mainstage Festivals

My coaching experience has been very rewarding. Over the course of a few months, Jess enabled me to become a better professional by helping me develop a very valuable set of tools and resources to better manage my teams, my work relationships and the visibility of my work.

The sessions with Jess increased my awareness about myself and how my work is perceived in the company, and enabled me to make better decisions and work in more efficient ways. 

The improvement was acknowledged by my superiors and I was given a promotion so it’s safe to say that the coaching was a resounding success.

Discover tactics and methods to overcome resistance to promotion

Remove detrimental frustration and demotivation!

Gain insight and develop a clear and successful plan of action 

Getting Promoted is NOT just about being good at what you do!

Is This You?

Coach: Jess Coles

I remember delivering amazing results for a company, my manager supporting my promotion and it being blocked by other leadership team members for reasons nothing to do with job performance. 

I was very angry, felt the unfairness, and considered getting my promotion through moving company. 

This catalysed a lot of learning around why and how people get promoted. I have put this to very good use since.