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Aimed at managers leading teams of 1-10 skilled individuals

Management Skills Accelerator

Managing team members and dealing with all the challenges that people bring is not an easy job. 

Your team members create challenges, your manager creates challenges, the business, customers and many others create challenges for you and your team.

Getting advice, examples of success and encourangement from some amazing managers made a huge difference to me. They helped me gain confidence quickly, gave me knowledge and approaches that really worked and my management career jumped forward in leaps and bounds [Graduate trainee to Board Director].

Learn from all this great experience, knowledge and skills I have gained in over 25 years of managing teams in corporate and household names through to SMEs.

Learn the same skills and approaches that have taken 4 functions in different companies with teams of 5 to 35 staff – from low performance to high performance.


To help you shine as a manager; to help you gain the respect of your team, peers and managers; to help you develop the confidence and skills to be a great people manager, I have put together a very special programme.

The skills and knowledge you will learn will boost your management career. Your team will notice difference. Your manager will notice the difference. You and your team will deliver more, with less drama, less problems and less effort.

Join me on the Management Skills Accelerator Online Programme, which is running until 30th June 2023. There are limited spaces on the programme. 

You can join the programme today and get top quality management training until June 2023, potentially for free.

Through a mixture of virtual classroom lessons and video lessons I teach inexperienced managers how to:

Empower Their Team to Deliver More – more projects finished to a better standard, more ownership of results, more value created as a result of clearer direction, increased support, increased feedback and more blocker removed quicker… plus lots more

Lead a Happier Team – with more engagement, a better atmosphere, more focus on development, longer staff retention through developing and using positive management styles and best practices … research shows a happier team delivers more

Become More Successful – they enjoy more satisfaction, greater confidence, more recognition, a team delivering better results, and more praise from you. A successful happy team equals a successful manager – both excellent for your overall team and the business.


How the MSA Programme helps you 

A Special Time Limited Offer

The MSA programme currently has 15 hours of high quality teaching, with an additional 10 hours being released in the coming months (25 hours+).

Classroom based courses of similar calibre taught over 3-4 days cost upwards of £2,000.

Until June 2023, as we further develop the MSA programme, we are offering limited places at very special prices. Get 90%+ of the benefits for your managers at less than 20% of the normal costs for a limited time. As more lessons become available, the offer price will rise.

The business costs of untrained managers of small teams can easily build into tens of thousands – you only have to lose one team member early, miss a few targets, lose team momentum … the cost of training a manager to use better tools and approaches is miniscule compared to lower team performance.

Take advantage of great training with minimal investment while this offer is still available

A Small Investment for a Big Gain

Comprehensive Management Training – Teaching the skills and approaches needed to build high performing teams

Increase management effectiveness quickly with practical tried and tested learning

Access to extra personalised support until June 2023 (phone & email)

Enjoy a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked

Bite-sized lessons to fit round a busy schedule
Online - no travelling required

From feeling elated at delivering a great piece of work to feeling beaten up by the constant demands on your time and energy.

Then there are difficult situations to navigate – like problematic team members, people turning up late, work not being done on time, customers making unreasonable demands … and the team turns to you to sort these challenges out and make their lives easier.

You are in spotlight from day one – every team member observing what you do, how you react, what boundaries you set, if your actions are consistent or not.
It can feel pretty relentless. I have been there too.

How Are You Developing Yourself? 

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"Thank you for the lessons, they are truly amazing! 😊"

Lauren Keeping, Operations Controller

Additional topics available soon

What's In The Programme 

Expectations are the Difference between doing a Great job and a Poor job. Learn what you need to do manage all the expectations placed on you and your team

Learn how to create and tailor a clear concise message for any audience. Build confidence and skill in writing, speaking, presenting, listening and questioning.

Get back exactly what you expect at the right time without surprises. The better your delegations skills, the bigger the positive impact and influence you have.

What's needed and actions to undertake to build strong lasting relationships with colleagues at all levels within the company. Plus how to undertake targeted internal networking 

Without feedback we don't know what is going well and what isn't.  No feedback means little improvement and disengagement. Learn how to give great feedback.

How to approach using staff development as a key driver of improved team performance and the tips and tactics of implementing an effective development strategy

Managing difficult employees does not have to be hard if you are clear about what you want and reinforce this through positive actions. Learn 8 critical steps to manage any person 

Use an 8 stage problem solving process so you know exactly what problem you need to solve, are clear about the limitations and the options available, & what to do after choosing a solution

Build trust and team motivation is key to management success. Learn 14 actions & behaviours that make a massive difference to team motivation.

Using Performance Improvement Plans are a vital tool for a manager to support and deal with difficult or underperforming team members. Learn step by step how to use this tool.

Sharing a 6 stage decision making process so you can make robust decisions while navigating stakeholder demands and political challenges. 

Planning gives you time to avoid problems and take advantages of opportunities. Communication of your plans further increases what you can achieve. Learn how to plan well as a manager 

Michael Thomas

A really great and insightful session with Jess. Since our session, I have put in some of the learnings to my day-to-day. Already looking forward to the next session!

Emma Parry

A very effective and thought - provoking training course, that encourages debate and broader thinking. I have recommended to my team managers

Terry Dolliver

Jess, the session was outstanding and I took away some great insights and can say my team did as well.

Ryan Conradie

The length and depth of the training was great.  I really like the step-by-step approach. This helps make the learning content more digestible, and help for a pragmatic approach when applying the learning outcomes.

Teaches the tools and approaches to create environments for teams to thrive

Helps managers transition from doing the work themselves to delivering results through others

Reinforces the behaviours that successful managers display consistently at work

Expands a manager’s tool kit so they are more effective across a wider range of situations

The purpose of financial information. What is in a P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow, what to look for in actual results vs budget, how to spot trends in financial information and budgeting

Being a manager is tough. Dealing with the pressures and overcoming the challenges, while constantly in the spotlight is difficult.

To consistently manage themselves, to lead by example and to contribute to the business culture while directing the work and efforts of their teams so everyone drives the company’s success, asks a lot.

Successful managers need a flexible toolkit of knowledge, skills, and behaviours to create positive learning environments so each individual, the team as a whole and the broader company can perform at their best. 

Great management starts with self-management, awareness of strengths and weaknesses, their own emotional responses to situations and how to use different styles and approaches for the benefit of their team

Save Your Precious Time & Get More From Your Team 

I learnt my leadership and management skills from amazing managers in top companies including:

These top companies recruit and retain the best managers they can to keep themselves ahead of their competition. Winning promotion within this management pool speaks volumes about one’s skill. 

I was promoted 14 times in 16 years from professional to board director.

Exactly the same skills you will learn, have quickly taken multiple teams from being described as “poor”, “unmotivated”, “unreliable” to being celebrated for delivering great results or being awarded prizes.

Teams I have managed have won “Best Team” prizes at national and company level.

Okay management skills give you okay results. To be and do more, start this MSA programme today.

More About The Course Creator - Jess Coles 

More Feedback On Lessons 

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“This is a great course for leaders of all ranges from new to old" Sean Mason, Supervisor

“I would highly recommend this course." Rky Lewis, Senior Support

“All the topics that Jess covered were very well explained" Ninand Shirgoankar, Supervisor

“Provided a lot of useful reminders of things we should be doing or things we can do better at" Josh Puddle, Founder

“Jess has a natural talent for instructing and the class is a pleasure to attend" Richard Lewis, Supervisor

Based on servant-leadership principles, providing team members with a fair exchange for great output and achievement

Essential management knowledge includes decision making, planning, finance, and managing team dynamics. The best managers ask challenging questions of themselves and of their teams, to drive thinking and learning beyond the known. 

Essential skills for all managers to learn and develop; setting clear direction and goals, problem solving, delegating, teaching and coaching, providing useful feedback, dealing with conflict and encouraging accountability – make a great start. 

How managers behave, how they ask their teams to achieve results defines the culture of the company. Building trust, creating a positive working environment, encouraging flexibility, and learning while being authentic requires consistent decisions and actions on the part of the manager. 

Running through everything is communication: building relationships, influencing, persuading, negotiating, supporting; all while encouraging and inspiring people to be their best selves at work each day.

Equip your managers with better knowledge, skills, and behaviours:

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