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Management Skills Accelerator

Managing team members and dealing with all the challenges that people bring is not an easy job. 

Your team members create challenges, your manager creates challenges, the business, customers and many others create challenges for you and your team.

Getting advice, examples of success and encourangement from some amazing managers made a huge difference to me. They helped me gain confidence quickly, gave me knowledge and approaches that really worked and my management career jumped forward in leaps and bounds [Graduate trainee to Board Director].

Learn from all this great experience, knowledge and skills I have gained in over 25 years of managing teams in corporate and household names through to SMEs.

Learn the same skills and approaches that have taken 4 functions in different companies with teams of 5 to 35 staff – from low performance to high performance.


To help you shine as a manager; to help you gain the respect of your team, peers and managers; to help you develop the confidence and skills to be a great people manager, I have put together a very special programme.

The skills and knowledge you will learn will boost your management career. Your team will notice difference. Your manager will notice the difference. You and your team will deliver more, with less drama, less problems and less effort.

Join me on the Management Skills Accelerator Online Programme, which is running until 30th June 2023. There are limited spaces on the programme. 

You can join the programme today and get top quality management training until June 2023, potentially for free.

Additional topics available soon.

Interactive Online Lessons available until 30th June 2023.

What's In The Programme 

My management career spans 25 years in corporates and household names through to SMEs, managing a wide range of teams of 5-35 people. 

I started my career at EY in their graduate programme, and progressed to Board Director of Petroplan (£150m Oil & Gas Staffing Business) in 16 years.  

I have taken four different poor performing functions and transformed their performance and reputation within 6 months. 80% of the work was about the people. 

Some of the companies in my career:

I have won Best Team prizes at national (Accountancy Age Magazine) and 
company level.

I share my management expertise on's YouTube Channel with 16,000+ views each month 

More About Your Host - Jess Coles 

20+ One-hour lessons available for you to book onto each month

Each month has a different mix of lessons – different times and different topics

Book onto one lesson or multiple lessons covering different topics each month

One-time investment on programme signup for unlimited lessons (subject to booking) until 30th June 2023 (1)

Interactive teaching via MS Teams (online) to small groups of up to 15 managers

How Does The MSA - Online Programme Work?

A Special Time Limited Offer

The Management Skills Accelerator Online Programme has over 20 hours of interactive teaching time covering essential skills needed for a successful managerial career.

An equivalent classroom based management skills programmes running over 3-4 days will cost you at least £2,000, and in many cases, a lot more.

By signing up today, you will access a high quality programme teaching you how to:

• have the difficult conversation you have been putting off, reducing team disruption
• develop your personal style to better motivate your team
• sidestep more problems, and reduce the impact of issues
• use a development culture to drive team performance
• improve expectation management to keep everyone happier
• plus acing many more difficult management challenges

and you will be able to improve all these skills at a fraction of the normal programme cost because the programme is new and still being improved.

This great opportunity to develop your management skills, with a low risk free investment, is time limited and each price band has limited numbers.

Signup before the places run out and before your investment increases.

A Small Investment for a Big Gain
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Move your Management Career Forward Faster

Comprehensive Programme with over 20 hours of teaching

Programme access until 30th June 23

One-time Investment

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

MSA - Online Programme


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Gain management skills and confidence quickly

Put into action frameworks, approaches and tools anyone can learn and master

Over 20 hours of high value interactive teaching each month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

From feeling elated at delivering a great piece of work to feeling beaten up by the constant demands on your time and energy.

Then there are difficult situations to navigate – like problematic team members, people turning up late, work not being done on time, customers making unreasonable demands … and the team turns to you to sort these challenges out and make their lives easier.

You are in spotlight from day one – every team member observing what you do, how you react, what boundaries you set, if your actions are consistent or not.
It can feel pretty relentless. I have been there too.

How Are You Developing Yourself? 

Improve My Mgmt Skills Now

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Improve My Mgmt Skills Now

Build Better Stronger Relationships, Improve Teamwork, Reduce Disappointment

Create Clear Concise Messaging for Each Audience, Build an Open Trusting Team Culture

Increase Your Impact & Influence, Increase Team Development, Speed Up Your Mgmt. Career

How to Build & Strengthen Professional Relationships with Your Manager, Team, Peers, Leaders, Clients & Suppliers

Provide Development, Improve Performance and Increase Team Motivation. 

How to Set Up, Structure & Deliver Development Programmes to Retain Staff & Improve Team Performance

Reduce Disruption, Underperformance & Individualism to Make Everyone Happier 

Harness The Team Strengths & Talents To Solve Difficult Problems plus Personal Problem Solving Frameworks

Build a Trusting, Team Orientated Working Culture Promoting Openess, Development & Performance

Performance Improvement Plans - How to Use, Structure & Run plus How To Build Support for PIPs & Action

The Art of Combining Experience, Gut Feel, Data & Insights to Make Better Robust Decisions More Often

Reduce Surprises, Fire Fighting & Stress. Maximise Opportunities, Team Development & Performance 

Struggling to Tackle Underperformance? 

Underperformance drags down team performance and sucks up your time. Stop underperformance in its tracks today.

Delegating & Getting Too Many Surprises?

Surprises kill your ability to deliver to meet expectations, damage reputations and increase stress. Learn how to get exactly what you need when you need it.

Relying on Your “Gut” to make Critical Decisions? 

What would improving the result of each of your decisions by 1% mean for team and business performance? Learn how to use data and insights to make better decisions.

Managing Teams Is Not Easy 

The challenges are constant and varied. Even worse, you have to learn while your team and manager watch every move you make. No-one likes being reminded of unsuccessful experiments at appraisal time …

Step out of the spotlight and join 40+ managers from a wide range of companies:


The improvement was acknowledged by my superiors and I was given a promotion


...resulted in better recognition of my value to the team and business. I got the promotion that I had been looking for

Worried About Giving Honest Feedback? 

Giving bland, inoffensive feedback does nothing to help performance and build trust. Learn how to give honest useful feedback without damaging motivation and relationships.

Always Seem to be Firefighting?

How many fingertip saves can you make? Plus firefighting is stressful and energy sapping for everyone. Learn how to plan ahead confidently and effectively.

Learn exactly how to ace many of the management challenges which will mean a big difference to your confidence, your team’s opinion of you, the results the team delivers and your next appraisal conversation…

Improve Different Skills Each Week

Interactive 1-Hour Lessons via Video Call

One Investment, Unlimited Lessons(1)

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