Save Years of Time, Supercharge Your Confidence and Build Great Management Skills WITHOUT Needing a Boss who loves Coaching

For managers leading teams of 1-10 skilled individuals 

Management Skills Accelerator

Managing team members and dealing with all the challenges that people bring is not an easy job. 

Your team members create challenges, your manager creates challenges, the business, customers and many others create challenges for you and your team.

Getting advice, examples of success and encourangement from some amazing managers made a huge difference to me. They helped me gain confidence quickly, gave me knowledge and approaches that really worked and my management career jumped forward in leaps and bounds [Graduate trainee to Board Director].

Learn from all this great experience, knowledge and skills I have gained in over 25 years of managing teams in corporate and household names through to SMEs.

Learn the same skills and approaches that have taken 4 functions in different companies with teams of 5 to 35 staff – from low performance to high performance.


To help you shine as a manager; to help you gain the respect of your team, peers and managers; to help you develop the confidence and skills to be a great people manager, I have put together a very special programme.

The skills and knowledge you will learn will boost your management career. Your team will notice difference. Your manager will notice the difference. You and your team will deliver more, with less drama, less problems and less effort.

Join me on the Management Skills Accelerator Online Programme, which is running until 30th June 2023. There are limited spaces on the programme. 

You can join the programme today and get top quality management training until June 2023, potentially for free.

To make the programme even more valuable to you:

1 - Real life example walkthroughs
You get access to a growing number of examples showing you how to implement the skills you learn. Each example shows you a real life walk through of the implementation of the lesson or point in the training. In many cases this is every bit as value as having the framework itself (Value £250)

2 – Done for you Templates
Save yourself a lot of time with done for you templates. This saves you having to guess, spend time researching and putting documents together. You know you have tried and tested documentation at your fingertips. (Value £250)

3 – Direct Support from myself (Jess Coles)
You will have questions. You might be facing a specific situation and what to ask how best apply what you have learnt to that situation. You can email me and get a tailored reply specifically for your question via email or a phone call. (Value £500+)


Extra Bonuses

A Full Recap of the MSA Programme

And you are probably wondering how much your investment is going to be to get assess to all these outcomes and benefits.

Gain £3,000+ of Value

If you take a look at courses in the market today with this range of content, taught over 3-4 days in a classroom, you would easily be looking at £3,000+  

Make a Massive Different to Managing Your Team

Get access to all the content currently available in the MSA programme and all updates over the next 3 years for

From feeling elated at delivering a great piece of work to feeling beaten up by the constant demands on your time and energy.

Then there are difficult situations to navigate – like problematic team members, people turning up late, work not being done on time, customers making unreasonable demands … and the team turns to you to sort these challenges out and make their lives easier.

You are in spotlight from day one – every team member observing what you do, how you react, what boundaries you set, if your actions are consistent or not.
It can feel pretty relentless. I have been there too.

How Are You Developing Yourself? 

Yes I Really Want To Improve My Mgmt Skills Now

4.5 / 5 for Content Quality

4.8 / 5 for Presentation Quality

"Thank you for the lessons, they are truly amazing! 😊"

Lauren Keeping, Operations Controller

What's In The Programme 

Expectations are the Difference between the perception of doing a Great job and a Poor job. Learn how to brilliantly manage expectations placed on you and your team

How to plan, run and manage mid-sized projects in any business. Expertly deal with stakeholders and team members to drive project success

Learn how to create clear concise messaging for any audience which will save you a lot of time dealing with confusion & questions, while building confidence and trust quicker

Get back exactly what you expect, on time, without surprises. Increase the positive influence and impact you have on your team and business

Tips and tactics to take your relationship building skills to another level. Management careers are about managing relationships – make yours work better for you.

Giving useful constructive feedback improves relationships, enables learning and confidence, increases performance, and helps create a learning culture

Effective team development gives you so many team benefits: motivation, smarter working, staff retention and more. Learn effective development strategies for all budgets

Deal with underperformance and poor behaviour fairly, effectively and with confidence. Learn 8 steps to make a big difference to you and your team

Use an 8 stage problem solving process so you know exactly what problem you need to solve, are clear about the limitations and the options available, & what to do after choosing a solution

Trust and motivation are key to teamworking success. Learn proven methods to consistently demonstrate you are there for your team and enjoy all the rewards.

Using Performance Improvement Plans are a vital tool for a manager to support and deal with difficult or underperforming team members. Learn step by step how to use this tool.

Sharing a 6 stage decision making process so you can make robust decisions while navigating stakeholder demands and political challenges. 

Planning gives you time to avoid problems and take advantages of opportunities. Communication of your plans further increases what you can achieve. Learn how to plan well as a manager

Michael Thomas

A really great and insightful session with Jess. Since our session, I have put in some of the learnings to my day-to-day. Already looking forward to the next session!

Emma Parry

A very effective and thought - provoking training course, that encourages debate and broader thinking. I have recommended to my team managers

Terry Dolliver

Jess, the session was outstanding and I took away some great insights and can say my team did as well.

Ryan Conradie

The length and depth of the training was great.  I really like the step-by-step approach. This helps make the learning content more digestible, and help for a pragmatic approach when applying the learning outcomes.

Get 25 years of top tier management know-how in a matter of days!

The easiest way to become an inspirational respected leader

Make your peers jealous by quickly improving 16+ management skills

The purpose of financial information. What is in a P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow, what to look for in actual results vs budget, how to spot trends in financial information and budgeting

The first five years of being a manager is daunting. You probably have your pre-management responsibilities, with managing a small team added on top. 

Finding time to think is a challenge, let alone getting better at: setting direction, in delegating, in motivating others; in confronting underperformance or conflict and all the other new areas now on your plate.

My early days as a manager involved trying to keep as many plates spinning as possible, to try to meet and beat the significant expectations to perform placed on my shoulders, to get as many mini successes as possible to build my confidence and skills.

Shorten Your Learning Curve

My track record of using hands on management skills very effectively for the benefit of the company I worked for and the benefit of my team was demonstrated again and again through gaining 13 promotions in 13 years (Graduate to Board Director)


Why Can You Teach Me More Than My Manager? 

More Feedback On Lessons 

Yes I Want To Improve My Mgmt Skills Now

“This is a great course for leaders of all ranges from new to old" Sean Mason, Supervisor

“I would highly recommend this course." Rky Lewis, Senior Support

“All the topics that Jess covered were very well explained" Ninand Shirgoankar, Supervisor

“Provided a lot of useful reminders of things we should be doing or things we can do better at" Josh Puddle, Founder

“Jess has a natural talent for instructing and the class is a pleasure to attend" Richard Lewis, Supervisor

I Want To Sign Up To Improve My Mgmt Skills


Gain More Time, More Skills, More Admiration, Faster Promotion, Bigger Bonues and Pay Rises

Comprehensive Programme with 16+ hours of teaching

3 Year Membership

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

MSA - 3 Year Membership

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Why being fair and authentic gets you promoted quicker

Every manager starts out with a daunting learning curve. I started out like everyone else – a worker put in charge of others. I spent a lot of time thinking through the latest people issue or challenge, thinking about how to get more from my team of 4 skilled staff; of how to motivate them, of how best I could support them. 

Each ah ha moment, each success helped me grow and improve.

I was also incredibly lucky – I had a great manager who enjoyed coaching and teaching (thank you Alexa!). It was amazing to be able to take her learnings, and use them; to use her advice to avoid common mistakes. 

Her help saved me years of learning time. Looking back, my early career progressed faster than many of my peers because of the help I got.


The fastest way to become your company's Most Promising manager!

Learn the tactics and approaches to get the best from each team member

Destructive Conflict is hugely damaging to your team. Learn how to manage confict to maintain the motivation and performance of your team

Understand how to deliver within traditional budgeting processes and learn how to plan activities and projects to maximise your team’s chances of exceeding targets

You are probably in the 60%+ of newish managers promoted yet given no training to help you get better quicker. Your manager is likely helpful but doesn’t really have the time to work out how they do what they do, unpack that for you and teach you the steps involved. 

They probably gained their skills through hard years of trial and error and rely on their gut which is not easy to teach.

I would love the opportunity to save you years of learning time, to make a significant different to your career progress and confidence; to share with you some of the key secrets that I have picked up in my management journey from graduate trainee to board director. 

I will share a few secrets in a bit.

How Big A Difference Would Training Make To You?

I never really knew how far my career would progress. I worked hard to support my team, to develop their skills, to get give them opportunities and they rewarded me with increasing performance and improving results. And we had fun too.

I got given a few more people to manage. This learning, working and being promoted cycle continued. After a few years I was managing teams of 10, then 15, then 20+. 

The backbone that created this success came from continually developing my management skills and supporting my team to be the best they could be.

If you have ambitions, if you want to learn the skills needed to manage, develop, and get the best from your office based team of 1 to 10 skilled staff then I have some great options for you which I will share in a bit. 

An important secret for getting ahead quicker is to reduce the amount of time you spend learning. You then have more time to spend delivering great results. 

Trial and error learning sucks up a lot of time – all that planning a different approach, seeing how well it works, figuring how to improve it, then going through the cycle again. Far better to practice an approach you know works. This gets you to great a lot faster. 

Career Progress Secrets

Another secret; working hard - alone - is not enough. Think about all the people you have known who worked hard. How many have you left behind? How many are ahead of you?

Learning what works quickly and then really practicing this will definitely get you ahead – fast.

You might be thinking, why am I in a better position to teach you key management skills than your current manager. It is an important question.

Those promotions were gained in many top companies where the quality of management employees they could promote was already high. I was also lucky to work alongside many talented managers and learnt lots from them.

Teams I managed also won multiple “Best Team” prizes at national and company level.

Even more importantly, I have spent weeks and months researching, unpacking my experience to construct clear learning journeys to make learning the nitty gritty of these skills easier and quicker. 

Very few line managers have anywhere near this time to spend preparing such lessons.

I have then tested these lessons with a group of 45 programme members and improved these lessons. Feedback from members rates the quality and usefulness of lessons at 4.6 out of 5.

The result of all this experience gained and work undertaken is the:

Management Skills Accelerator Programme 

“What will this MSA programme do for me?” is a question you should ask.

The MSA programme will give you*:

More Time. You will spend a lot less time on figuring out what works, more time on practicing what does work and more time on delivering results with your team

A Happier Team. With clearer direction, better feedback, less conflict, less people issues, more support, and more success

A More Motivated Team. Happy teams are more motivated. Motivated teams deliver more, deliver better results, and impress senior management.

An Impressed Manager. You will be instrumental in improving your manager’s overall results, providing more support to them and keeping them happier.

Increased Respect and Admiration from the Team. They will have more support, more direction, more surety, more success and be able to see how you have helped create that

Admiration from Peers. They will be asking you for advice and tips, asking you for help, listening to what you say in meetings. Success increases status.

Faster Career Progress. You will be higher up the pecking order for promotion, you will get asked to work on the important projects, you will be given more staff to manage. Better skills leads to better results, which leads to promotion

Bigger Bonuses. Better results from the team, more value created by the team you manage, give you a much better chance of a bigger bonuses.

Bigger Pay Rises. For all of the above reasons, promotion or good performance in most companies gets you a bigger pay rise than the average employee.

Improve your management skills, carrying on working hard and you really should be getting these results. I achieved these results in my career.

Current programme members are now achieving these results.

I am 100% behind you building your management skills. I don’t have to worry about you posing a threat to my position as manager, so I want you to build your skills as quickly as possible so you can deliver even more for your company.  

So let’s take a look at modules within the Management Skills Accelerator Programme:

100% Behind You!

If All The MSA Programme Did...

What if all the MSA programme did for you was take away months of figuring it out time, of trying it out time, or adjusting it time, would it be worth this investment to you personally and to your company?

What if all the MSA programme did was give you a big jump in confidence, removing lingering doubts or imposter syndrome, which gave you freedom to be yourself as a manager, which in turn improved relationships and trust with your team, your peers and your manager would it be worth the investment?

What if all the MSA programme did was improved your ability to get more from your team, to provide an environment to get the best out of each person, in a fair and ethical way, which gained you your team’s respect and admiration, would it be worth the investment?

For your piece of mind, we have a 30 day no questions asked guarantee. You can go through the programme, access and use the bonuses and implement what I teach. If you are not happy for any reason, I will issue you with a FULL refund.

In addition, after 6 months from purchase, if you have not seen a significant improvement in your management skills and your team’s delivery of results through diligently implementing what I teach, contact me and I will give you a full refund.