Create Change With Your Problem Staff, Increase Team Performance & Gain Your Next Promotion

Resolve people problems quickly, fairly and effectively

Save your business tens of £’000 in lost performance

Increase team motivation, trust and performance

Learn a proven process to make handling the problem employee straightforward and successful

A problem employee impacts you, your career, your team and the business

The stronger performers leave for other teams with less issues and better career prospects

Unresolved problems in teams cause increasing productivity problems

Team members get increasingly frustrated, angry and tired of dealing with the problems

Cost of hiring new staff and keeping them becomes harder and more expensive

The lost productivity costs the company tens of £’000s for small teams and much more for larger teams

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Start with a problematic individual.
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How to Manage Difficult Employees

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Easily gain the support and trust of your boss, team and HR

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Join This Course & Resolve Your Problem People

People issues impacting team performance

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What You Gain

Which helps you and your career

The impacts on the company:

What's In The Course

To successfully deal with problematic team members

Between team members and increase teamwork

From your team, manager and colleagues

By everyone to fairly and effectively manage problematic team members

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20+ years managing teams in world class, high growth and turnaround businesses 

Built 4 high performing teams (separate companies) of 5 to 35 staff 

Multiple “Best Team” prizes won with different teams at national and company level 

Delivered average ROI of 39:1 over 7 years (measurable profit/cash vs my pay) 

YouTube channel – 15k subscribers with 50k viewers each month 

Join This Course & Reseolve Your Problem People

Why Stopping People Problems is a Big Deal

The impact of dropping team performance on the company is expensive

Unresolved problems damages your credibility & reputation and costs the company more than your salary

People problems cause more people problems, which suck up more and more of everyone’s time and energy

Your team get angry with you because they are suffering additional problems at work

You get sucked into dealing with increasing levels of emotions and relationship damage within the team

Your stress levels rise and the pressure on you increases as team performance starts dropping

Your boss loses confidence and trust in you if you can’t solve the problems without damaging team performance

Having to deal with problem people are make or break points for your management career

The impacts on you: 

The How to Manage Difficult Employees course was one of my main reasons for enrolling my after-hours leaders, so thank you.  The course was spot on!

Terry Dolliver, Director Of Client Services, Nexcess

I would highly recommend this course. The information provided was excellent. Jess seems to have a natural talent for instructing and the lessons are a pleasure to attend.  I am looking forward to the rest of the course

Ryk Lewis, Senior Support Tech, Liquid Web

Thank you for the lessons, they are truly amazing! 😊

Lauren Keeping, Operations Controller

When do I see results?

Improvements can be achieved within a few days, although the full benefits take weeks to months to achieve for you and the team

Does this process really work with all the different problem employees?

This process has yet to fail me after using it 50+ times. You will need to adapt the steps to each person and situations to get the best results

How much will team performance rise after dealing with the difficult employee?

The team performance increase achieved will be specific to your team and situation. I have seen 10% increase at the low end and 200%+ at the high end. i.e. you and your boss will notice the difference

How long does it take to do the course?

The lessons can be completed in n afternoon, though most people take a week or so. The examples, exercises and preparing to take action will typically take at least a few days to complete

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