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I started my career at EY and was average, middle of the road compared to my peers.

I learnt what I share in this webinar (which no manager told me) and I started to leave my peer group behind. 

Since then I have managed teams in world class companies including:

Your Host: Jess Coles

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The secrets to become a great manager without relying on your boss to teach you

The 4 mental traps you must avoid to become a top 5% manager

Three critical ways to build unshakeable confidence - in yourself & with your team and manager

What you need to do to manage any problematic employee while increasing trust with your team and manager

The essential steps to build trust while avoiding the pitfalls of managing authentically

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Your Host: Jess Coles

Was promoted 13 times in 13 years from professional to board director level because of my managment skills 

Won “Best Team” prizes at national and company level 

Turned around the performance of multiples teams with 10-35 staff