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Managers who follow our programme and work with their teams report outstanding results

Impact of MSA Programme on team members
Ryan Conradie – member’s line manager

Managers amplify the team’s work

Case study

17 undervalued directionless individuals…
struggling to deliver

Transformed in 12 months

Into confident, admired, prize winning team. Delivering 12x their cost in measurable value

Same Team Members
Different Manager

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Learn how to improve your confidence and the team trust plus the mindset to be a great manager – in just 60 minutes

8 individuals endangered a 40+ year old business. Confidence and trust were at all-time lows. The owner was livid…

6 months later…

The team’s confidence, pride and sense of fun had returned. The business was expanding again and trust in the team restored.

The team had delivered 10x their annual cost in measurable value in 6 months.

Similar Team Members
Different Manager

Managers create value

Case study

Trustpilot May24
Lee D Review - Trustpilot
Ryan Con Review - Trustpilot

Support from a manager matters

Case study

An underperformer, quiet, nervous, lacking confidence and apart from the team

Transformed in three months …

Into a motivated, energetic problem solver, actively involved in the team. Her confidence blossomed, and she went on to become a valued star of the team

Same Team Member

Different performance

Training Lesson Feedback

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