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Transform your performance

Build your skills, get ahead of your competition and get the job you want

Getting a new job is a daunting, stressful and time-consuming experience, even for those who have been through the job hunting process several times.

There are many hurdles between you and the job that you want such as writing a good CV, navigating recruitment consultants, finding the right company and getting through those tough interviews. These hurdles are designed to trip you up, to reveal weaknesses, holes in your experience and increasingly your character and values. The spotlight is focused just on you.

At Enhance Training we know how to navigate these hurdles and can help you write a good CV, improve your interview communication skills, build confidence in your experience, and ensure you ace your next job interview.

Ways to get ahead of your competition

Online Course

How to ace an Interview

The ultimate five-stage interview training programme

Map out your strengths, skills and achievements. Write a winning CV. Structure your interview answers. Build your confidence

Written specifically for Managers

Access to the Interview Question Bank for a year

Interview Question Bank

100+ answers to tough interview questions

Don’t get caught out again by the interviewer

Example answers for Junior to Senior Managers

Quiz to check your understanding of each question

Interview Learning Hub

Videos, podcasts, articles and more

Expert advice to move your career forward

Common interview questions and answers

Starting Enhance.training was our way of passing on the knowledge and skills that had made such a different to our working lives in a wide range of businesses, quite a few of which are regarded being at or near the top of their field.

These skills helped us progress our careers, made work more enjoyable and fun, overcame challenges, allows us to better help our colleagues, and contributed to making the businesses in which we work be even more successful.

We would love you to get as much from learning and improving these skills as we did.

Our courses are practical, packed with exercises and examples to make learning relevant to you

The knowledge and skills we share have been tried and tested in FTSE to SME companies

CPD accredited – meeting CPD’s quality and learning standards

Great value and you can learn at any time and from anywhere

Try risk free with our 60-day money back guarantee


Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people say about us.

Talia <br> Manager


“Taking How to ACE an Interview has opened my eyes to how to prepare for management interviews. I know what I need to do to beat the competition and get my next management role.

I have not gone to interviews for a long time so getting the next step up is a daunting challenge. After taking this course, I have gone from dreading starting applications to confident and excited about going to interviews.

The course takes you through each step to prepare, in a logical way with each step building on the last. It has made my preparation so much easier and quicker.

The course is brilliant, a great investment and will hugely help me get my next position. I have already told my friends about it”


Senior Manager

“I found the course incredibly useful. I had completed various similar exercises (including the CliftonStrengths assessment) in the past but to have it all packaged together is a real benefit of the course. Based on my experience the course pretty much covers everything I would want to know. I love the general layout and particularly the worksheets – they are really useful.

The cultural fit piece is such a strong point in my opinion, very often applicants get down because they focus on the rejection aspect of it whilst in reality it may have been a blessing in the long run. It probably resonates with me more now I have some work experience behind me, but I don’t think I would really have understood it early in my career.”



“I am genuinely really impressed with your Interview Question Bank.

It is a great resource and really helpful in answering those tough interview questions that managers often get asked. I would recommend any manager, junior to senior, to make use of it before starting to interview.

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