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Job-Winning Online Interview Course

Teaching Advanced Interview Skills to Step Change Your Interview Success

  • Know your interview skills and confidence need a step up to get your next job?
  • Recognise getting a job is tougher as you climb the professional and management ranks?
  • Applying for highly competitive jobs and need to be in the running?
  • Looking to win a promotion with your external move?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online course is for you!

Online Interview Course

Find out why these Candidates have chosen this Online Interview Course

5 Starts = Trust Pilot
Nick Walter
5 Starts = Trust Pilot
5 Starts = Trust Pilot

An Interview Course for people with experience

John’s career progress has got stuck in his current company and rather than wait and hope a suitable opportunity appears in the future, John has decided to look for a job outside his company.

John is good at his day job and is well thought of by his peers and manager. Yet he is surprised to find those final stages in the interview process and that job offer seems to stay just out of reach. His frustration is building and his confidence dropping.

So what is letting him down?

Meet John

Interview Course
On Target

Interview Success Is Not About The Day Job

John is staggered to find out that at least 60% of interview success has little to do with what he has done in his day job.

The biggest factor in interview success is the candidate’s ability to communicate and demonstrate how he or she can solve the hiring company’s problems.

John has an ah-ha moment, realizing that he has not worked hard enough on how he communicates and “sells” what he can do during the interviews. The other candidates that he is up against are ahead of him in this vital area.

What a sense of relief John feels. He knows what he needs to work on, and his energy and confidence starts coming back.

An Interview Skills Transformation

John chooses “How to ACE an Interview” our online course because:

  • The course teaches advanced interviews skills – those skills needed to consistently win professional and manager level jobs where the competition is a lot tougher
  • Doing the course puts John in the top 12% of professional level candidates doing 10hrs+ high quality preparation
  • Course graduates get job offers – average is 3.1 months after finishing the course, quickest is 2 weeks.
  • The course presenter has been there and done it – junior to board director in the tough London jobs market in corporates to SMEs

John finishes the course knowing exactly what he needs to do at each stage of the interview process.

Interviews are time pressured

Change What You Do

John starts passing the interviews he was previously struggling with. 

John transforms from dreading interviews and the inevitable rejection to enjoying the opportunity to show case his skills and meet potential colleagues.

It is not long before John has an offer. John starts his new job three months later, full of excitement and looking forward to the new opportunities the new job brings.

Introducing How to ACE an Interview

How to ACE an Interview

This online interview course takes you through 5 stages and 23 steps of the Acing Interviews System to teach you how to sell your skills, experience and achievements in the best possible way to the hiring manager

This course gives you job-winning know-how and exercises to practice the skills needed to get into the top 10% of candidates at interview. This 10% consistently get job offers.

This Interview Course Gives You

Interview Skills Training


About what you bring to the table, the value you have added and can add to a business and why

How to ACE an Interview


In yourself built through knowing what to do at each stage of the process and practicing vital interview skills

Online Interview Course

Know Yourself

Gives you a deep dive into your skills, strengths and values so you can communicate with confidence, conviction and credibility

Interview Questions

A Problem Solver Mindset

How to articulate and sell your experience and achievements in a way that excites the interviewer and inspires their confidence in you


Practical Application

The course is packed full of exercises to get you thinking and working on your preparation. This is not just a theoretical course.

Interview Course Online

Practice Methods

How to practice for interviews to consistently get ahead of your competition

Meet the Interview Course Presenter

Jess Coles

Jess has consistently won management jobs in top companies, in all market conditions

Jas has sat in 1000+ interviews as a hiring manager, hiring juniors to CEOs


Great in-depth interview training for managers Covers everything you would need to confidently present your skills and work experience and address recruiter’s needs.

A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better or simply need updating their interview skills


Senior Engineer

What You’ll Get in the Interview Course

Stage 1 – Creating Great Foundations

This vital stage, often missed by job-hunters, is all about finding and then positioning properly all of your key strengths, skills, experience and achievements.

5 Stage Acing Interviews System

Exercises to help you and others (re)discover your skills, strengths, experiences and achievements

How to use your strengths and skills in the recruitment process

How your values play a vital part in your job hunting and career and how to overcome these obstacles.

How to turn your experience into compelling problem solving stories

Why achievements are a vital to winning job offers and how to structure them.


The course is brilliant, a great investment and will hugely help me get my next position. I have already told my friends about it.

After taking this course, I have gone from dreading starting applications to confident and excited about going to interviews



Stage 2 – Choosing a target role and understanding employer problems

Be 100% sure of the your target role and most importantly why you can solve the problems this role has

Your career map and how to use it to reach your aspirational role faster

Why choosing a target role saves times and improves success

Four simple questions to narrow down your job search saving you time

Understanding the typical employer problems and why this is such a vital step

Desktop view of Interview Course

Stage 3 – Getting Interview Invitations

Getting to and through the CV stage is all about what and how you communicate to the reader. Learn tried and tested approaches.

Mobile view of How to ACE an Interview

Tips, advice and templates to build your general CV

How to approach researching job opportunities

How to tailor your CV to specific jobs without spending ages doing it

Tips to improve your interview chances when applying for the job


I am genuinely really impressed. It is a great resource. I would recommend any person, junior to senior, to make use of it before starting to interview



Stage 4 – Interview Question Preparation

Being confidence, calm and relaxed AND successful at interview is all about doing the right preparation

How to build personalised answers to a range of interview questions

Exercises and approaches to refine your interview question answers

Tips and exercises to practice answering interview questions

How to use mock interviews to add further polish to your performance

5 Stage Acing Interviews System

Stage 5 – Getting the Job You Want

How to take care of the details on the day, manage your nerves and wow the interviewer

Mobile view of How to ACE an Interview

The importance of company and interviewer research and how to do it

Interview day planning – what to do before, during and after the interview day

Interview Performance – how to mentally prepare and maintain confidence

The dos and don’ts of managing job offers and getting the best deal

What to do between receiving the offer and starting the job to make the first months easier and more enjoyable

All covered in 8 modules, 58 lessons, 45 videos, 10 checklists, 14 exercises, 7 quizzes and 27 downloads

Interview Course Online Teaching Advanced Skills

Certified by CPD as meeting their quality and learning criteria – 16 hours

When you sign up today you’ll also receive:

When you sign up today, you don’t just get an online course. We have two special additional bonus resources to super-charge your interview preparation.

In addition, you will also receive weekly tips, advice, exercises and additional content via email to deepen your learning and improve your preparation 

Bonus Resource #1:

Interview Question Bank [Value £120]

Interview Question Bank

The Interview Question Bank provides original, professional answers to over 100 difficult interview questions. We have analysed, explained and answered each question for professionals to senior managers.

This is fantastic resource to use alongside How to ACE an Interview and you have unlimited access included when you sign up to How to ACE an Interview.

This additional resource is available for a limited time.

With Premium Option only

Bonus Resource #2:

Expert Support [Value £100]

Interview Course experts available

We want you to prepare brilliantly and get the job you want. During the course there may be parts you are not sure about or you may have additional questions.

No problem.

We provide you with phone and email support from experts to help you with any step or exercise or to answer any questions you have.

And you have this support throughout your course. It is almost like having an expert in the room with you.

This additional resource is available for a limited time.

With Premium Option only

Nick Walter

This is a great course – very useful for anyone looking for a new job. 

I very much recommend it.



6 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 day money-back guarantee

Zero risk: Our course comes with a great guarantee to let you try it risk free. If in 60 days you don’t feel satisfied, just email us at support@enhance.training and we will give your money back. No questions asked

Take the Whole Course: 60 days is easily enough time to go through everything in the course and still ask for your money back. With no questions asked

No Guesswork needed. The best part is – if you think there is a slight chance that the Acing Interviews system will work for you, then you should enroll today. You can try the course … and see if it works for you. No guesswork needed.

Get Instance Access to the Course

Online Course only

  • Unlimited access for six months to all 58 video lessons 

Online Course plus Bonus Resources

Or thee installments of £100

  • Unlimited access for one year to a;; 58 video lessons 
  • Job winning interview answers: 100+ difficult interview question answers (£120 value)
  • Free access to our experts: questions answered via email or phone (£100 value)

Job-Winner Programme


  • 3 x 1 Hour Coaching Sessions with Jess coles via Video Call
  • Unlimited access for one yearto all 58 video lessons 
  • Job winning interview answers: 100+ difficult interview question answers (£120 value)
  • Free access to our experts: questions answered via email or phone (£100 value)

Starting Enhance.training was our way of passing on the knowledge and skills that had made such a different to our working lives in a wide range of businesses, quite a few of which are regarded being at or near the top of their field.

These skills helped us progress our careers, made work more enjoyable and fun, overcame challenges, allows us to better help our colleagues, and contributed to making the businesses in which we work be even more successful.

We would love you to get as much from learning and improving these skills as we did.

Our courses are practical, packed with exercises and examples to make learning relevant to you

The knowledge and skills we share have been tried and tested in FTSE to SME companies

CPD accredited – meeting CPD’s quality and learning standards

Great value and you can learn at any time and from anywhere

Try risk free with our 60-day money back guarantee

Improve your performance

If you don’t want to commit to signing up to our course, why not try our Interview Learning Hub. Exclusive insights, articles and approaches from experienced experts, to help you in your job search and improve your interview performance.

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