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Pricing: Video tips and Advice

Pricing: Video tips and Advice

Take a look at our range of YouTube videos helping you or your team price your products to maximise your opportunity and profit

Pricing Strategy – 4 reasons to have one

Pricing Strategy is so important to product success yet choosing how to price remains a challenging task for even experienced pricing specialists. We explain 4 common pricing strategies and where to use them.

Cost Plus Pricing – An Introduction

In this video we take you through the method that 80% of businesses use as part of their product pricing. Cost plus pricing. It is one of the founding pricing methods but is it too basic or can it still be key to business success?

Competitor Pricing Strategy

In this video we take you through competitive pricing and whilst it is great to be aware of the market around you, we show you why copying isn’t always the best answer.

Value Pricing Strategy

In this video we take you through how value pricing can benefit your product and your business. We look at why it is seen as the most profitable way to price your product and whether it is applicable to you.

Maximising Price – It is all Relative

Maximising Price – Its is All Relative takes you through why combining pricing strategies with marketing strategies can produce fantastic results for your business and your customers and consumers.

Pricing Confidence: 5 Tips you wish you’d known before your sale pitch

Confident Pricing: 5 Tips You Wish You’d Known Before Your Sales Pitch takes you through how having pricing confidence when meeting with a Buyer can be the making of your business.

Pricing Confidence – 5 Tips for the Meeting (Part 2)

In this 2nd video in our confident pricing series we take you through how to show more confidence in your sales meetings.

Whether it’s because of fear of rejection or confrontation, it is all too easy to end up giving a lower price to get a listing or even worse to offer a discount when one wasn’t even asked for. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Retailer vs Direct to Consumer