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How to Write a Great CV

Video Series

Writing a Great CV is a challenge for even experienced job hunters

The average corporate job has 250 applicants and only 5 are invited to interview. Your CV will get into the 5 candidates invited to interview or not. (source: GlassDoor)

In this video series, we take you through 23 essential steps to Write a Great CV, sharing all the tips and tricks we have learnt from 25 years of job-hunting in the tough London job markets and from being a hiring manager in over 1,000 interviews from juniors to CEOs.

Use our experience to get to interview!

How to Write a Great CV

Be a Problem Solver

To write a great CV you must understand what problems you need to solve for the reader. Learn more by watching this video

Creating Great Foundations

It remains super important to be above to explain your strengths, skills and experience in a concise and relevant way. Find out how to do this. 

How to Position your Experience and Achievements

Experience and Achievements are two vital areas on your CV to get right. We give you great tips on how to do this with this video.

How to create a Career Map and Why you MUST choose one target role

I discuss why and how to build a career map, how it will save you time and get you to your aspirational role faster and we cover why you must choose ONE role to apply for.

How to Understand the Employers Problems

We take you through why it is so important to understand the problems the employer needs to solve by hiring the role you are applying for.

What CV Template Should You Use

We give you our best tips on what CV template you should use.

How to Write Your Education Sections

We take you through what to write in the Education section of your CV, what to include and what to leave out.

How to Present Your Employment Section

WE share our key tips in presenting your employment sections of your CV, what to include and what to leave out. 

How to Write Your Summary Section

Your Summary section is the first section on your CV, grabs the readers interest and sets the tone of your CV – it is vital to get it right. We share our best tips with you.