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Great in-depth training. A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better

Nathalie Descusse-Brown, Engineer

For Graduates To Senior Managers

Signup in 2 minutes and access CV writing expertise for graduate to board directors job searches

Use the course and “done for you” examples to quickly write a brilliant CV perfectly tailored for the role you want

Confidently apply for your ideal job in exactly the companies you want and get interviews and potentially a job offer within weeks

What You Gain

Get job interviews quickly and easily for your ideal role

Save months of time getting your next job

Promotions exactly when you are ready (career not delayed for an opening)

A lot of confidence going into interviews and starting your new job

£’000s extra in pay, every year, because you are more desirable

What's In The Course

Of high-quality easy to understand teaching videos (see our YouTube channel with 12.5k subs)

Concise lessons (no fluff) teaching you exactly what’s needed to create an amazing CV - accessible 24/7

Membership & access to course – master skills giving you job security for life

Direct access to expert help from Jess Coles (Course Creator)

Tons of examples, sample CVs, “done-for-you” CV bullet points and more … saving you masses of time

Join with Confidence with our 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

Take the course and gain the benefits with no risk. Use everything in the course and
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Start with few or no interviews.
Finish with a choice of jobs to accept

A proven successful CV writing process to get lots of interviews quickly through all application routes

Save months of time and a ton of stress & frustration with the highly effective ProMAP process

24 high quality lesson, 4+ hour of concise teaching, tons of examples plus personalised support

How To Write A Great CV

Get An Avalanche Of Interviews In Weeks



3 Year Membership

One-time Investment

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get An Avalanche Of Interviews In Weeks

Who You Are Learning From

Get An Avalanche Of Interviews In Weeks

Attention: Graduates to Senior Managers

Stop Experiencing These Pains Now

Experiencing rejection after rejection

Recruiters not returning your calls

Ignored for jobs you can easily do

Denied the promotion you’re ready for

Stuck over how to write your CV

Your confidence is being battered

Results Achieved

Graduate started insurance job paying £35k after 1 week

Senior Manager started FMCG job paying £90k after 2 weeks

Middle Manager, after 15 months of unsuccessful applications (100+) got first interview in 2 weeks

First-time Board Director beat experienced directors to job

1 Week

2 Weeks

1st Interview


A selection of the results achieved. Pictures changed to maintain confidentiality

Your CV is an example of your work and written communication skills

Ensure your CV screams “This Person Is Amazing!”

Why The ProMAP CV Writing Process Works So Well 

The ProMAP CV writing process uses specialised marketing, sales and communication techniques to quickly reveal exactly what hiring manager wants, and then guides you, step by step, to expertly position your skills and experience, making you precisely what the hiring manager is looking for.

Works brilliantly for graduates to director level roles. Proven results even in difficult job markets, and for roles with very high levels of competition.

Jess personally got interviews for 89% of applications made over 12 years, many in world class companies

Interviewed 1000+ job applicants from graduates to CEOs, and read ‘000s of CVs  

Coached managers & directors to get new roles

Hired to assist companies selecting senior hires

Ex- board director of large recruitment company (£150m in sales)

This is a great for anyone looking for a new job. I very much recommend it

Nick Walter, Solicitor

I got the job. Thank you so much for your help

Olivia Hagger, Solicitor

I got the training contract! Very pleased. Thank you again, it was very useful

Zoe Hughes-Nind, Trainee Solicitor

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