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Bespoke solutions to your pricing problems

Bespoke product pricing coaching with Anna Taylor, pricing expert

Bespoke solutions to your pricing problems

Bespoke product pricing coaching with Anna Taylor, pricing expert

Anna Taylor


Are you stuck on a pricing issue? Are you making the profit you should?

The personalised Pricing Power Hours have been set up to help you get unstuck fast and get your business moving again to get the sales and profits that your product deserves.

If you are feeling stuck, confused, frustrated or just need someone to talk through the bigger picture or help you gain focus, a Pricing Power Hour can help you gain the clarity and direction you need.

We have set time aside to help you; whether to answer your specific pricing problems or to develop what you are doing further.

These are focussed one hour Zoom sessions for your benefit. Some people call them ‘pick my brain’ or ‘un-muddle me’ sessions but whatever you want to call them the aim is for us to set aside one hour to deal with the things you have been putting off and ignoring or to bring clarity quickly and resolutely.

We love pricing so are always happy to help share our expertise and make pricing life easier for you. These slots tend to fill up quickly so don’t delay!

How does it work?

Just 3 simple steps to have your pricing queries answered

Book your Pricing Power Hour session

Answer a quick questionnaire at least 24 hours before the call so we are clear on objectives

Join the video call and start discussing how you can move your pricing forward

What’s Included

A short questionnaire to fill in ahead of the call

60 minute personalised pricing call via Video Call on your identified area

An audio recording of the session along with notes & clear direction on what your next steps are

Typical pricing problems solved

New product pricing

Responding to competitor pricing

Responding to pricing demands from retailers

When to offer discounts

Price increases and confidence to charge your product’s worth

How retailer pricing differs from direct to consumer

How to set up a company pricing policy

Getting unstuck and problem solving

Sounding board for new pricing

Any other pricing question!

Typical Session Structure

No two calls are the same and each session is personalised to what you need and what will help you most. The structure of the call is flexible but here is an example of a typical Power Hour

0-10 mins – GET IN FOCUS – Getting clear on the focus issue and what you want to achieve from the hour.

10-30 mins – TIME TO EXPLORE – Exploring the possibilities for your business

30-50 mins – CRAFTING – Putting together the next steps to achieve your goal

50-60 mins – THE PLAN – Summing up and prioritising your plan of action

What is your investment?

Product Power Hour
£200 +VAT

  • 60 minute personalised pricing call via Video Call on your identified area
  • Video Recording of the session so you can revisit Anna’s advice and won’t miss any key points
  • Book as many hours as you need

Meet the expert

Anna Taylor


For over 15 years I had the great pleasure of working for companies that I have truly admired such as Cadbury’s, SAB Miller, Asahi and Unilever.

Working in Finance alongside Sales and Marketing teams throughout that time I learnt from the best and developed new methods and strategies for pricing, promotion and revenue management. From training sales forces and marketing teams in margin and pricing to co-designing and calculating the impact of an entirely new price pack architecture and everything in between.

I have seen first-hand the importance of getting pricing right, of designing a pricing architecture and more importantly, sticking to it. I understand how to get win-win pricing between you and your retailers and how to evaluate promotions to understand what really works and is worth spending money on.

Pricing is such a crucial element in every business, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and seeing more people benefit from this area that is so rarely taught and properly explained.

Some of the companies I have worked and priced for:

Where has Anna worked

Take a look at Anna talking about Pricing Strategy and more on YouTube