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A small investment will give you a step change in knowledge, confidence, success, and satisfaction. 

You, your product, and your business will be delighted as you get more from the future retailer buyer meetings you attend.


The Hidden Cost of 3 Common Pricing Mistakes

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Will I really make more money after taking this course?
Clearly nothing is magic - what we can guarantee is that by following our methods and using the course tools and calculators, you will have a lot more knowledge of your customers, the channels available, your costs and how to construct pricing, therefore being able to sell more and make more money is a lot more likely. 
Why should I buy this course when I can just watch free YouTube Tutorials?
A good question and this is an option. Finding the right information and then organising it will take weeks, if not longer. We have done this research while writing this course. And you can't search for what you don't know about.
A Small Investment for a Big Gain

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Great in-depth interview training for manager. Covers everything you would need to confidently present your skills and work experience and address recruiter’s needs.

A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better or simply need updating their interview skills



The course is brilliant, a great investment and will hugely help me get my next position. I have already told my friends about it.

After taking this course, I have gone from dreading starting applications to confident and excited about going to interviews

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Clear and simple explanations yet very informative. Lots of useful handouts to keep and exercises to consolidate the learning. I thoroughly recommend it!

Do I really need Retailers? Can't I just stick with DTC?
DTC is a brilliant way to start a business but it is not easy to scale. Retailers give you quick access to their customer base. So ultimately, it is up to you.

Product Pricing Course


I never could have understood all of this by myself. Thank you so much


Wow, it’s made such a difference already – I used to want to run a million miles from any of this!

Do I need to be an expert at finance or numbers?
Absolutely not. This course assumes basic maths knowledge only. Getting your pricing wrong is one of the top reasons for business failure and we absolutely want to make sure this is not you.



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Success Requires Knowledge & Preparation

Access decades of product pricing expertise so you avoid making the mistakes that:

Going into retail buyer meetings is intimidating – whether it’s your local corner shop or Tesco. There are so many things to prepare, and a lot can go wrong.

Once you are clear about the value your product offers, who your ideal consumer is, which retailers are best to reach those consumers, and how to get meetings with their buyers; getting a listing requires a pricing proposition that is attractive to the retailer and your consumer and still works for you. If you need to go through a wholesaler plus an agent, your pricing calculations gets even more complicated.

It is no wonder than so many entrepreneurs struggle getting a pricing proposition that works for all these parties. And with all the calculations needed for each party, there is a lot of room to make mistakes – from minor ones through to business fatal ones.

In fact, over 20% of businesses fail directly as a result of their pricing mistakes, and around 80% of products fail through mistakes made in one or more of the areas already mentioned.

Despite all the complications, retailers offer a big step up for your product and business. Retailers give you access to their customer base, and your business can go from a demanding hobby to a serious business quickly. 

Your sales can literally double or more overnight. You can sustain annual growth rates of 100%+ for many years with a good product, a good retailer strategy and a good pricing proposition.

The most obvious cost of pricing mistakes is when you have spent lots of time researching retailers, putting together a compelling story why your product is better for them and their customers than the incumbent, the buyer is getting interested and then you present your pricing proposal and the buyer’s smile turns into a frown.

You don’t get this listing because the retailer won’t make enough margin on your product and rate of sale projections compared to the incumbent.

No listing now means waiting for the next range review in say 12 months for your next chance to get this listing.

No listing now means lower growth, less cash in your bank account, a less exciting story for your next investor round, disappointment, frustration, less satisfaction, and a drop in momentum.

A second pricing mistake is when the buyer’s smile turns to a frown, they ask for a significantly lower price and you say yes. Great you get the listing. You feel elated, you have got what you wanted.

It is only later that you realise that you are not getting enough profit from the listing to cover your marketing, delivery, and other costs. You are faced a dropping cash balance. The worst part is that it can take some time to work out the problem if you are not on top of your numbers and by then it might be too late for your business.

The third pricing mistake is not setting your product price high enough for you to earn 40-60% margin that is typically needed to cover all the non-direct costs like marketing, sampling, delivery, other promotional activity, property costs etc.

Being aware of potential pricing mistakes and learning how to avoid them clearly makes a lot of sense.

Options To Avoid Pricing Mistakes

Three practical steps to avoid significant pricing mistakes and increase your knowledge and pricing skills include: 

  1. Learn how to create attractive pricing for retail and learn the calculations needed to price for you, the retailer, the wholesaler, and the agent. 
  2. Hire a consultant to help you each time you need to create pricing
  3. Hire a person into your team who brings retail pricing knowledge and experience 

The cost of not calculating good pricing proposals is likely to be a lot more. Imagine making a 10p mistake of volumes of 3,000 units a week. That is £300 lost per week. What if you had higher volumes or your mistake was bigger!

Product pricing is such an important element of your business and the quickest and easiest way to increase the profitability (or loss) of your business, we always recommend that you or one of your permanent team learns how to calculate attractive pricing for multiple parties - required when selling through retailers. 

The options are listed with increasing cash costs.

Our Product Pricing for Profit covers all the key elements of product pricing specifically for selling into retailers from your local corner shop to Tesco.

Who is This Course For

Product Pricing for Profit has been specifically designed for Product Entrepreneurs who are planning to use retailers to significantly grow their sales or are in the early stages of doing so. 

If you are serious about expanding through retail, then learning more about retailer pricing and the opportunity to practice all the calculations needed before diving in will save you a lot of heartache and cash.

Product Pricing for Profit is also a great course for marketing, finance and sales staff involved in selling through retailers and need to improve their pricing calculation skills.

Decades of Experience Available For You

Anna Taylor is the course creator of Product Pricing for Profit. Anna spent decades pricing products for Unilever, Asahi, Cadburys and SAB Miller and trained hundreds of staff to increase their pricing knowledge and skills in those same businesses.

Anna has helped price products for small convenience stores through to the major grocers and has successfully priced for multiple brand relaunches and product range extensions.

Anna is also a qualified accountant and specialises in working alongside sales and marketing teams on pricing. Anna has also sat on innovation councils and been a key member of the teams working on improving product performance across wide range of big brands. 

There are few course creators with the depth and breadth of experience of calculating pricing and teaching how to do so within the world class companies Anna has worked in.

Good pricing starts with being really clear on who exactly your consumers are – those ultimately buying your product, where these consumers shop (choosing the right retailers) and understanding what they value. Important steps that many don’t do enough work on.

You will then dive into the different channels available to you and how these compare for your product and situation. Choosing which channel(s) you will use will drive your pricing requirements. Gain a good understanding of each channel and what it means for your pricing.

Then you learn the detail about pricing for retail and the calculations needed. There is plenty of opportunity for you to practice too with multiple exercises and examples. You will then go through different retailer margin expectations and how to find out what your target retailers will need before meeting them.

You will learn the must know parts of competition law and the expectations on retail supplier and how these impact how you present your pricing. You don’t want to fall foul of legal requirements after you have done all the hard work of winning your listing.

Then you will have structured exercises to work through, so you are applying all this new knowledge and skill to your actual product. Don’t work on theoretical pricing, work on your own pricing as you learn. Included are lots of pricing templates, calculators and cheat sheets so you will save lots of time and know that your calculations are correct.

Take a look at the full curriculum for Product Pricing for Profit so you know exactly what you will be learning. Watch the short video

More Than Just An Online Course:

With Product Pricing for Profit, you have direct access to ask Anna all the questions specific to your business that you need help answering.

You can share questions and experiences with peers through a private Facebook group. Get access to solutions to lots of different situations and all the support you need to be successful.

You can also email Anna directly with any questions you have or pick up the phone. Get answers to the questions holding you back and learn extra tips and approaches directly from the experts.

As well as all the additional support available, you also have a 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you think the course is not for you, then just email us within 60 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You can go through the entire course within 60 days so you know exactly the value provided to you and you can make your own mind up. Taking Product Pricing for Profit is in risk free.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Make a 10p pricing mistake on sales volumes of 3,000 units a week, you are looking at losing £300 every week.

Or if your product is delisted, you could lose a lot more. And even harder to quantify is all the opportunities you could have won but didn’t because your pricing proposal didn’t excite the retailer.

£600 or £700 – the cost of an in person 1 day course - can easily look a great investment compared to what you might lose without the expertise you will gain from this course.

You get all the benefits of a one day course plus a lot more:

  • Access to all the knowledge, exercises, and tools for a full year
  • Personalised support for 364 days longer than a 1 day course
  • A community of peers to learn alongside for year

The support alone is worth a £600 investment. And we have an exclusive, limited time, better offer for you.