How to Grow Sales Through Retailers & Wholesalers WITHOUT Losing Money

Build your Distribution Strategy and Select the Right Retailers, Wholesalers and Agents 

Avoid Common Mistakes that Lose you Listings, Growth and Profit
Build your Skills, Knowledge and Confidence to create Attractive Pricing for multiple Channel Partners

Taught as Standard to Sales and Marketing in top FMCG Companies

Everything You Need to Start Selling through Retailers and Wholesalers Successfully!



Get Your Story, Pitch and Pricing Right - From The Start
This Online Course Is For
People who make or sell products AND who want to use retailers or wholesalers to increase the number of products they sell and the profit they make.

80% of New Products Fail


The top reasons include:
  1. The Product doesn't solve customer problems
  2. Wrong Pricing - for the consumer or the retailer or you
  3. Right Product, Wrong Retailer - resulting in low sales
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Full Product Pricing For Profit Syllabus:

6 Modules of Winning Know-How in Bite-Size Pieces


Frequently Asked Questions






Will I really make more money after taking this course?
Clearly nothing is magic - what we can guarantee is that by following our methods and using the course tools and calculators, you will have a lot more knowledge of your customers, the channels available, your costs and how to construct pricing, therefore being able to sell more and make more money is a lot more likely. 
Why should I buy this course when I can just watch free YouTube Tutorials?
A good question and this is an option. Finding the right information and then organising it will take weeks, if not longer. We have done this research while writing this course. And you can't search for what you don't know about.

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Start the Online Course NowModule 1 -IntroductionModule 2 - Selling ChannelsModule 3 - Margins De-MystifiedModule 4 - Pricing Into RetailersModule 5 - Keeping it ProfessionalModule 6 - Your Turn
Senior Engineer

Great in-depth interview training for manager. Covers everything you would need to confidently present your skills and work experience and address recruiter’s needs.

A must for all who feel they could have sold themselves better or simply need updating their interview skills



The course is brilliant, a great investment and will hugely help me get my next position. I have already told my friends about it.

After taking this course, I have gone from dreading starting applications to confident and excited about going to interviews

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Clear and simple explanations yet very informative. Lots of useful handouts to keep and exercises to consolidate the learning. I thoroughly recommend it!

Do I really need Retailers? Can't I just stick with DTC?
DTC is a brilliant way to start a business but it is not easy to scale. Retailers give you quick access to their customer base. So ultimately, it is up to you.

Product Pricing Course

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How do you find out even more about your consumers so you can create a compelling story for retail buyers

Learn how to research each channel and develop a clear picture of expectations before that all important first buyer meeting

The Story

The Channel

The Pricing

Develop your pricing skills, so you can calculate margins and mark-ups in your sleep and build an attractive pricing pitch for retailers, wholesalers, and agents

Going from selling at fairs, at local local stores and through your website to getting listings in larger retail chains, prestigious shops and even grocery is a big step. You really want to make this jump as it will mean so much for your brand, business, and you … but you know there is a lot to get right.


I never could have understood all of this by myself. Thank you so much


Wow, it’s made such a difference already – I used to want to run a million miles from any of this!

Do I need to be an expert at finance or numbers?
Absolutely not. This course assumes basic maths knowledge only. Getting your pricing wrong is one of the top reasons for business failure and we absolutely want to make sure this is not you.



7 hours of CPD Accredited learning, over 30 video lessons, and over 30 handouts, worksheets, downloads and calculators.

Access to pricing expert Anna Taylor

Private Facebook Community to learn with your peers

Everything needed to gain the confidence and knowledge to be successful with expanding into Retail.

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Taking this course will prepare you for those crucial buyer meetings and ensure the above problems will not apply to you.