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What You'll Learn:

Which Consumer, Which Price & Why

How aligning your consumer, your product and pricing makes or breaks your sales

Not All Retailers Are Equal

Choose the right retailer and the right pricing structure to create a win-win-win situation

Why The Channel Matters

Navigate the complexities of multiple parties in the sales process

Don't Be Fooled By Costs

Calculating the minimum Sales Price is not as easy as many think (and how to do it!)

The Big 5 Pricing Components

The 5 critical factors for successful pricing when selling through retailers

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Anna Taylor


Some of the products I helped make a success:


Clear and simple explanations yet very informative. Lots of useful handouts to keep and exercises to consolidate the learning. I thoroughly recommend it!


Wow, it’s made such a difference already – I used to want to run a million miles from any of this!


I never could have understood all of this by myself. Thank you so much