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Stop Under-Performance or Poor Behaviour within Your Team Quickly Without being Heavy Handed or Losing Trust

Under-performance, disruptive staff, bullies, lazy and other difficult staff can quickly damage team performance and your promotion and bonus prospects.

How to effectively deal with difficult staff is rarely taught in companies.

Don’t let lack of knowledge and confidence hold you or your team back any longer.

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The exact actions needed in 4 key areas to guarantee the issues will stop 

To demonstrate you are an effective and fair manager

The preparation for risk adverse managers and HR to say yes to your action plan

How to build your confidence and poise before speaking to the difficult person 

How to impress other team members watching your every move

Turning around multiple teams (10-35 staff) taught me to deal effectively, fairly, and quickly with underperformers and difficult team members.

You will learn the exact same 8 step process that I have perfected in 25 years of team management to successfully manage difficult staff. Stop underperformance or poor behaviour quickly and significantly reduce future problems of this kind.

Who Are You Learning From:  Jess Coles

I learnt management skills in top companies where you have to perform as a manager, and I have won “Best Team” prizes at national and company level.

Join this free webinar and learn a very effective process for dealing with any difficult person in your team.