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Stop Problem People Damaging Your Career & Team’s Performance Quickly

This is amazing. Thank you so much for this.

Pierre Jogelanso

Problem people can easily cost companies tens of £’000s in lost performance

Prevent these problems developing in your team using a tried and tested approach

Learn the approach to resolve problem people quickly and fairly, without damaging team performance

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Who You Are Learning From

EY Trainee to Board Director of £150m in sales Business 

20+ years managing teams in world class, high growth and turnaround businesses 

Built 4 high performing teams (separate companies) of 5 to 35 staff 

Multiple “Best Team” prizes won with different teams at national and company level 

Delivered average ROI of 39:1 over 7 years (measurable profit/cash vs my pay) 

YouTube channel – 10k subscribers with 50k viewers each month 

A problem employee impacts you, your career, your team and the business

Your team’s performance and hitting your targets

Your reputation as a manager worth promoting

The motivation, trust and future performance of your team

The confidence and trust your boss has in your

Your confidence, happiness and well-being


Problem People In Your Team Put A Lot At Stake:

Invest 30 Minutes to Stop The Problems Quickly