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4 CV Actions To Get Better Jobs + More Pay Using Less Time & Effort

90%+ of applicants at all levels write “I have done this task/activity and looked after this area” guaranteeing they won’t stand out

Save months of frustration, gain £’000s each year & get better career development WHILE getting the interviews you want

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Nathalie Descusse-Brown

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When Both Count Equally At CV Stage

Where are you going to focus your efforts?

This is a great for anyone looking for a new job. I very much recommend it

Nick Walter, Solicitor

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Jess Coles

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We respect your privacy & information. We are 100% committed not to spam!

Experiencing These?

I got the job. Thank you so much for your help

Olivia Hagger, Solicitor

Recruiters keep offering you sideways moves 

Applying to jobs but not often hearing back 

Months after you started, you don’t have a job offer you want 

The interviews you get are for boring jobs you can do in your sleep 

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Get Ahead of More Of Your Competitors

Boom or recession, the “better” job candidates get higher salary offers, more interesting work, more attention from recruiters, faster career development, higher social status,

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The perception of “better” starts with your CV

Read 3,000+ CVs for Grad to CEO positions while hiring

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Coached managers in how to get interviews quickly