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How to answer 100+ difficult manager interview questions

Successful job candidates that get multiple job offers in any economic environment know that how you prepare is the key to getting the job that you want

You are in a manager interview and the interviewer asks you an interview question that you have not come across before.

“What exactly are they asking for?” is the first thought through your mind.

You panic for a few seconds, then start to answer the question. You are desperately trying to construct your answer as you talk. You realise you are starting to waffle and the interviewer’s eyes glaze over. Your confidence in your answer drops and the interviewer notices. Is this job application over?

The competition at any management level job interview is fierce. There are more and more competent individuals going for the same position that you want.

How are you going stand out? How to get ahead of all the other candidates going for the same job?

Answering a single question badly or even answering one or more questions okay but not great can cost you. It could cost you the next interview. It can cost you the job.

And there are less and less good jobs available. Making the most of each job opportunity is a must.

Get into the top 10% of candidates:

Knowing exactly what is being asked in each question and having a well-prepared relevant answer, using great examples, will set you above 90%+ of the other applicants.

The Enhance Interview Question Bank is a great resource to help you prepare really well for those difficult manager interview questions.

Use our Interview Question Bank to

  • Learn what the interviewer is asking for to over 100 difficult interview questions
  • Get a great structure in answer each question
  • Use our example answers to build your own great answers
  • Build your confidence in answering a range of tricky interview questions

Our high-quality in-depth answers are all in one place to save you hours trawling the internet and save you precious time translating variable quality or graduate level answers into answers suitable for a management level interview.


Alex, manager of six staff

“I am genuinely really impressed with your Interview Question Bank.

It is a great resource and really helpful in answering those tough interview questions that managers often get asked. I would recommend any manager, junior to senior, to make use of it before starting to interview.

Have a look at some Example Answers to common interview questions:

Created by experts

Jess Coles

Jess Coles

I have sat in well over 1,000 interviews hiring junior professionals through to CEOs. I have heard great answers and too many poor answers to a lot of interview questions.

I have also sat on the other side of the desk being interviewed as I progressed my career from junior manager to director level. Some of the companies I have worked for and/or hired on behalf of:


I am now regularly asked by clients to help them with interviewing and hiring management staff.  

15 Day money-back guarantee

15 Day Guarantee

Use Enhance’s Interview Question Bank with Zero Risk:

Our Interview Question Bank comes with a great guarantee so you can try it with zero risk. If in 15 days you are not happy, just email us at support@enhance.training and we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

15 days gives you plenty of time to look through the entire interview question bank. So, access the Interview Question Bank today with no risk to you


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Get access to a fantastic resource that will make preparing for interviews a lot quicker and easier. Plus you will be able to put yourself in the top 10% of candidates with our great manager interview questions answers

Transform your interview preparation with high quality answers to over 100 manager interview questions

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Interview experts available email to answer missing questions

Use the Manager Interview Questions Quiz to check your understanding of what each question is asking. 

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