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Debtor Management – Transform your cash collection machine

  • Reduce the stress, hassle and work in collecting the cash owed to you
  • Improve your growth potential
  • Improve the reputation of the business and the finance function
  • Created by experts who have increased bank balances by £53m+
  • Risk Free – 60 day money back guarantee

Release Date 2021

When your growth is being hurt by your lack of cash, it is frustrating to say the least. Being held back when there are so many opportunities makes you want to scream. If you just had more cash you could invest in more projects that you know will further increase your growth.

Would you like to know the steps to give you the cash to invest in higher growth? Especially when external funding is getting scare and expensive.

When your cash drops to threaten your business’s survival it can be devastating. The only thing you can focus on is surviving. It is stressful, all consuming and sleep is elusive. Don’t let cash drop this far.

Take our Debtor Management course to get the knowledge and build the skills to transform how your business invoices and collects customer payments; to boost your cash balance, growth rate potential and increase your business valuation.

Our method has added millions in cash to multiple companies. From businesses with sales of £200m to those with £20m. Our method is just as applicable to SMEs.

What you will get by doing this course

  • A proven method that will increase your options, growth potential and cash balance
  • Increased confidence in the business
  • A systematic approach to getting your customers to pay on time
  • Improved customer perception of your business
  • Increased cash balance

Don’t let your growth be held back any longer by your money sitting in customer’s bank accounts. Start changing this today.

Course Syllabus

Who should take this course

This course is aimed staff and business managers working in businesses with less than £500m in annual sales through to mid-sized SMEs. The course is particularly useful for:

  • Financial Controllers
  • Credit Control Managers
  • SME business owners or leaders
  • Finance Managers

For any business that has a persistent challenge with their cash balance and in getting customers to pay them on time, this course is a must.

Created by experienced business experts

Jess Coles

Jess Coles

I have transformed how effectively the business’s cash collection machine works in many businesses. The results in two examples:

  • £130m revenue staffing business – cash from negative £(12m) to £12m in 24 months,
  • £20m revenue construction business – cash from £0.05m to £3m in 12 months

These transformations are business wide projects, involving most functions within the business with the success of the project being measured in the increase in cash. The benefits are wide ranging from reduce stress and frustration to increased optimism, energy and opportunity within the business.

I have spent over 20 years in top businesses improving the approaches and processes and removing the roadblocks that prevent growth and cash being collected. My background as a Charted Accountant and a Corporate Treasurer provide the technical know how and my experience managing businesses and the Finance Function have developed the skills to turn that technical knowledge into practical steps that deliver results.

60 Day money-back guarantee

60 day Money Back

Zero Risk:

Our course comes with a great guarantee so you can try our course with zero risk. If in 60 days you are not happy, just email us at support@enhance.training and we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

60 days gives you plenty of time to do the entire course. Taking the course really is truly risk free.



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